Selkie Fan-art

Today’s post is a bit of fan-art I did for a webcomic I’ve been reading for the past few years, called Selkie, It follows the titular Selkie, an orphan who comes from an aquatic humanoid species and ended up among humans through events I won’t go into (no spoilers). The story picks up with her being adopted and follows her life from there. (First page if you want to start at the beginning is here. The art grows over time.) It’s a fun comic that seems pretty silly initially, but actually ends up diving fairly deep into world building, prejudice, and some other interesting themes. Also it’s just kinda cute.

Selkie Fanart - v1 - SCALED

(Click here to see the work in it’s natural habitat, down in the comment section :D)

More Monster Girls are on the horizon – stay tuned!

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