Peppermint Patty and Marci Blues

I admit, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for fan-art that asks ‘what if’ about well known characters – as long as it’s an interesting what-if.

What happened to the Peanuts gang as they grew up? Did Marci and Patty ever actually get together?
(Yes. Yes they did.)

In my mind, they grew up, went to college, discovered LGBTQ alliances, realized they’d always sort of been different… and interested in each other. After a lot of shyness and hemming and hawing, Marci finally just up and asked her best friend on a date. The rest is history.

This is Patty trying to teach Marci blues dancing, and only sort of succeeding. At least they’re having fun🙂


(See if you can spot all 6 easter-egg references in the picture :D)


Bonus sketch: The quick-and-rough doodle that inspired this!


Let’s call this one ‘Junior Year Netflix Night’.

Star Wars Portraits

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might be aware that the new Star Wars movie opened in December, and ZOMG I loved it😀
(Don’t worry, I won’t put any spoilers here, you’re safe🙂 )
In preparation for the movie, I started drawing a jedi, based on my cat Emmy – and I think she makes a fine feline jedi knight if I do say so myself😀

Emmy Jedi-alt color1


After that, I was having so much fun, I decided to draw one based on myself, but I didn’t want it to be just a boring drawing of regular ol’ me in a jedi robe, so I took some liberties with my species (largely the color scheme)


I kind of want her boots…

Lastly, I decided to make a jedi Jason, and I REALLY took some liberties there, but I am REALLY REALLY happy with the results🙂
For background, during my birthday last year, we went to the EMP Museum in Seattle, dressed as a jedi and Queen Amedala – because we’re giant dorks. Jason ended up deciding to be a jedi slowly turning to the dark side after we drew some heavy black markings over his face. I decided to work that into my jedi Jason, and was partly inspired by Darth Maul’s interesting design for his look, (minus the evilness and toning down the demonic imagery significantly).

Jason Jedi

All the horns and spines, ftw😀
I really love that teal mohawk look, I have to admit.

More shiny shiny artwork will be coming along as we move along into the new year, so stay tuned kids!😀


Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack and Sally’s kids

Just for fun, since I was on a bit of a Nightmare Before Christmas kick around Halloween, I decided to try my hand at designing a kid for Jack and Sally. That resulted in Polly, the girl on the left.

sally jack baby

Polly is built from part of a skeleton that her parents found and the rest is made up of rags using Sally’s expert seamstressing skills. Her hairbow has Jack’s skeleton grin in the center and her dress is a combination of Sally’s dress fabric and a version of Jack’s coat. The clasp on the coat is a jack-o-lantern.

Since I was having so much fun with Polly, I moved on to Albert, the second kid (in the middle). They had fewer bones left to work with when they built Albert, so they substituted a big lumpy pumpkin and some pumpkin vines for most of his body and gave him the jawbone and spine from the skeleton. His bow tie has Sally’s face in the middle and his hair is made of red yarn.

Last, because these things work best in threes, is Winston, the baby on the right. Winston is supported by a ribcage (the last of the bones left) and is basically a jack-o-lantern ghost with a rag-doll blankee for a body. His mouth is a zipper that opens and shuts whenever he wants to talk or eat. Winston is shy and likes to stay close to his parents and sibs when he can, and tends to hide behind them around strangers. He hovers a few feet off the ground at all times.

I may yet build full model sheets of these little folks and flesh out their accessories and backstories more, but for now, this is what I have.

Gargoyle Portraits

Back in September I decided, just for funsies, to start another Gargoyle portrait while I had a little bit of time on my lunch break, and had a lot of fun with her.
Of course, Emmy had to join me for my rooftop sit😀


After I showed it to Jason, he wanted to do one too, but had even less free time than I did, so while I was visiting him one Sunday afternoon, I drew one of him to go with mine😀JasonGargoyle2015-noshd

Nothing to see here, just another commuter on their way to work.

Chibi Karaoke Jason

I promised Jason I’d draw him, and since we were chatting earlier…😀 I did a thing.

chibiJason chibiJason-cat

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee may or may not have been mentioned – hence, cat ears and tail. He seems to really like this version of himself, so I’m sharing it with y’all now😀

More portraits and other art goodies will be coming along. (And I think we may have just launched an art-war between ourselves XD)


I have Katniss on the brain, apparently. I really enjoyed drawing her last week, so I thought I’d do a few more images with Book!Katniss during important moments in the story.


I tried to make Prim a little darker complected than you usually see her, since we never actually hear her described as being pale and blonde even if that’s how she’s usually portrayed. She’s just described as having light eyes and hair (as compared to Katniss and most of the rest of the inhabitants of the Seam). I figured that translated to their mother having a light complexion and blonde hair/blue or green eyes, but that it would mix a bit in Prim and that she’d fall somewhere in between. I also really tried to make them look like sisters, despite their very different complexions. They have the same nose, same eyes and eyebrows, and similar overall shapes, though obviously Prim is much smaller.

Poor Prim is scared shitless, both of being called, and that her sister just hurled herself in the way and signed up to basically go die in her place.

Katniss’s dress is a slightly nicer version of what she wore in the movie, since in the book, her mother gives her one of her old (and expensive) dresses to wear, so she’ll look nice for the Reaping. She also does Katniss’s hair up in a fancy braid, which I tried to show here.

Some portraits of friends and probably some more Katniss moments will be coming up in the nearish future. Stay tuned😀