I have Katniss on the brain, apparently. I really enjoyed drawing her last week, so I thought I’d do a few more images with Book!Katniss during important moments in the story.


I tried to make Prim a little darker complected than you usually see her, since we never actually hear her described as being pale and blonde even if that’s how she’s usually portrayed. She’s just described as having light eyes and hair (as compared to Katniss and most of the rest of the inhabitants of the Seam). I figured that translated to their mother having a light complexion and blonde hair/blue or green eyes, but that it would mix a bit in Prim and that she’d fall somewhere in between. I also really tried to make them look like sisters, despite their very different complexions. They have the same nose, same eyes and eyebrows, and similar overall shapes, though obviously Prim is much smaller.

Poor Prim is scared shitless, both of being called, and that her sister just hurled herself in the way and signed up to basically go die in her place.

Katniss’s dress is a slightly nicer version of what she wore in the movie, since in the book, her mother gives her one of her old (and expensive) dresses to wear, so she’ll look nice for the Reaping. She also does Katniss’s hair up in a fancy braid, which I tried to show here.

Some portraits of friends and probably some more Katniss moments will be coming up in the nearish future. Stay tuned 😀


Katniss Everdeen (book version)

I wanted to warm up for a portrait series I start on next week and was trying to decide what to draw, when I remembered that I’ve been meaning to draw Katniss as she appears in the books for FOREVER. So I went back and rechecked the description of the people who live in the Seam and off we went 🙂


I always envisioned Katniss as being Latina or having some significant percentage Native American heritage. Maybe both? (Her appearance is based on Latina reference photos.)
While I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, and if I hadn’t read the books would have been raving non-stop about her performance, I’m still sad that we didn’t get a chance to see an equally amazing performance out of an actress who looked more like Katniss. Why not a Latina actress? Why not a Native American actress? They’re out there, and I’m sure they’re good. Maybe someday…

For the coloring, I played around a little and moved a bit away from the cell-shading that I tend to do. Her skin-tone is layered transparencies to give it dimension and warmth, and her shirt is textured with screen tones. I really like how both effects worked, and I’ll probably try to use them again.

I will probably do another of these later, as well as a follow up on the Thresh and Rue image I posted a while back. I want to draw her either volunteering or giving the three-finger salute, and I want to draw her dressed up in the Capitol as well. Possibly one or two more scenes.
Anyone have suggestions for things they’d like to see?

Thresh and Rue – Hunger Games AU

I saw this post on Tumblr and I loved the idea too much to leave it alone. I HAD to draw something 😀


“Can I have the AU where the two that survived were Rue and Thresh? Imagine Rue finds Thresh right away and they team up and Thresh makes a pact with her — he promises if he can get them both to the end that he will make sure she is the one who goes home. Where he says, “Fuck them and their games. I’m going to protect you, little bird. I’m going to get you home.”
Watch the gamekeepers try to kill them right away because of what Thresh says. Because he’s fighting, not to win, but to protect Rue from the games. But the sponsors keep sending her and Thresh food and medicine and the Districts too because watching Thresh carry Rue through fire and get injured protecting her is too much to bear. 
Can I have the AU where it’s Thresh and Rue with the nightlock, after the mutts attack and Cato is dead and it’s Thresh about to take the poison and send her home? But it’s Rue who won’t let her ‘big brother’ go alone after so many already died protecting her (imagine Katniss dies protecting her) and they decide, okay, together and…
Rue has always been the Mockingjay, but imagine that she lived.”



I have at least one more image planned for this concept, but I was really happy with how these two came out, so I’m posting them one at a time.