Out to Dinner – Bucky and Steve mini-comic

Damn you Tumblr, stop eating my brains with fan-comic/image inspirations!

Based on this prompt.

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I changed the parent’s gender because why should this comic be about nothing but guys? Also, I feel like lady vets get largely ignored, and that’s BS, so here’s a lady who’s not only a vet, but also an amputee and a loving mom. And yes, she has a bad-ass yellow Stark-tech arm. Because that’s how she rolls.

(I had more fun than is probably normal or healthy drawing the kid and Steve’s fluffy haircuts. I like fluffy hair, what can I say?)


Insomnia — a post-Winter Soldier mini comic

(From this #imaginebucky prompt)

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They all have demons that keep them awake. Some are worse than others, but no one is immune. Natasha has had longer than some of the others to learn to cope, but there are still nights that she jerks upright in bed, soaked in cold sweat, choking on the screams that she learned to tamp down years ago.
She knows better than to try to go back to sleep on nights like this.

Normally Natasha goes to see Clint on the bad nights. He’s a light sleeper and he never minds the company. He still gets nightmares himself.
Too much blood to wash away stains their hands. Sometimes it stains their dreams too.

Tonight, she doesn’t quite make it there.

She’s just passing Bucky’s room when she hears the groan. It’s quiet, but packs so much frustration she can practically hear it settling, like dust, over the room. His light clicks on and she can hear the bed creak as he gives up on rest.

She knows that feeling.
To him, it’s all still new. The sleepless nights, the images behind his eyelids. The wondering where he goes from here.

… Clint won’t miss her.

She slows to a stop in front of Bucky’s door and knocks. She slowly creaks the door open after a few moments with no reply.
He’s sitting listlessly on the end of the bed, looking up at her. She can see the mix of hopelessness and curiosity in his face.

“Mind if I join you?” She asks, because she knows sometimes it’s better, easier, to be alone when the nights are bad. She’ll go away if he needs her to.

He doesn’t.

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Dammit Marvel, get out of my brain!

More artwork is coming, stay tuned 😀

Homecoming: A Steve and Bucky mini comic

Before anyone gets their hopes up, no this is not “Stucky” or slash. It’s based on this prompt, which gave me feelings and made me want to draw the scene out.

(And geeze o pete did it take FOREVER to do, but I’m pretty pleased with the results 🙂 )


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(I checked, everything SHOULD be legible at full size)







Steve:  “Welcome home.”

Bucky: *unintelligible sniffling*


*EDIT* apparently page 3 had some kind of error. Sorry if anybody wasn’t able to open it! Fixed now 🙂

Winter Soldier comic

Wow… again, I  started out just doing one little prompt and got carried away.

Before we get started… Make sure to click for full-size (it’ll be way easier to see :D)


I decided to draw Bucky napping with his little black kitten from this Tumblr prompt, and I did.


But then I kind of just kept going, until that evolved into this:








Bucky: It was time for me to get up anyway.


There ya go, folks. Hope you enjoyed 😀

More art goodies will be coming soon!