Cirelle Sunntempest – original and redraw

I was looking through some of my older drawings recently, and found one from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, when I was still playing D&D (I haven’t table-top-gamed in a year or so, but I was playing a wide range of systems for a bit there, just no D&D.) And who should I find while perusing, but my old Drow character, Cirelle 😀


While I still love this character, she needed an update. The pose is kind of boring and she’s not quite showing off the awesome acrobatical skills I wanted her to have. Also, the anatomy was not fabulous. SO it was time to draw Cirelle afresh 😀


Muuuuuuch better 😀

Cirelle is… unique. She’s a bard who’s probably the only genuined Chaotic Neutral character I’ve ever built.

Cirelle stowed away in a caravan going to the surface when she was very young, and got separated and left behind when the traders ventured out of the Under Dark. Not realizing they’d had a little girl with them to begin with, the traders went about their business and then went home without her.
Cirelle was reportedly a pretty normal Drow child when she was lost, but something changed when she was alone on the surface. She wandered for a while, alone. Nobody is entirely sure what she did, how she survived, or where she went, but consensus is that something decidedly weird happened to her, and she’s never been quite the same since.

Cirelle isn’t evil nor particularly serious, unlike most Drow, (or emo, like Drizzt). She’s just there. Cirelle doesn’t really have much in the way of goals or allegiences. She picks a direction and goes, then sees where she ends up.

Cirelle is what some of her kin might call ‘sun-touched’ (Aka, driven insane by too much sun exposure above-ground). She’s equally likely to give you a puppy or a swift-kick upside the head, depending on the day, regardless of what you may or may not have said or done to her. Don’t call her names though, or she will almost certainly kill you so hard with sharp and pointy things.
Fortunately, Cirelle’s eyes have adapted over time to have adequate vision in sunlight, though it’s cost her some of that excellent nightvision the Drow are known for.

I see her as being a little like the D&D version of Deadpool or Freakazoid. An unknown with a theatrical flair. Unpredictable and unreliable, but definitely interesting.


Dame Marion – Pendragon Character



Farnsworth Voice: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I did some artwork! And this post is not insanely depressing! 😀


This axe-wielding lady is Dame Marion “Mushroom” of House Denork. I won’t go into the whole background tale of the game she comes from (it was fairly complex and we never ended up even getting to the birth of King Arthur before the game ended) but here are some of the highlights:

Naming conventions such as “the grey” or “the great” are out of fashion in this version of Arthurian legend.  Instead, young knights go into the forest and are nick-named after the first thing they see there. In this case, it was a mushroom. Her crest represents this and has a cat because I like cats. So there 😀

Marion’s character and stats were generated for me, as I was foolish enough to say I’d play whatever was handed to me, so a few other players decided to troll me and make me play something I would normally never create. Since I’m a vocal Pagan and outspoken feminist, I got a devoutly Christian semi-zealot who really wanted lots of babies and had pretty low scores in most of the heavily used skills aside from riding. Marion spent a lot of time frothily attempting to evangelize the masses, but mostly just confused them until they either left or just agreed with her to make her stop. She also doted on her daughter,  Hazel, and enjoyed hitting things/people with her axe at any given opportunity. She was loyal to her Baroness, but not to the near-worship level of some of her fellow knights.

Marion didn’t end up getting all that heavily fleshed out, since we didn’t play too many sessions before this game ended. The idea was originally for Pendragon to be a filler campaign for when some of our group couldn’t make it, but it proved to just be too complex and story-rich to pick up again after several weeks of playing something else and we spent half the sessions just trying to remember who characters were and why we were or were not attacking them.

Sadly, Dame Marion will probably never be used again, but I had fun with her while she lasted and I enjoyed drawing her and her giant-ass axe anyways.




In other news, barring some pretty major life shifts (which geeze-oh-peet have been happening left and right lately, it seems) I’m heading west to grow up with the country pretty soon. If all goes according to current plan, I’ll be resettled in Seattle by the end of August 😀

This is at once exciting, stressful, and TERRIFYING. I’ve never lived more than a few hours from where I grew up and I won’t know anyone but the brother I’m going to be staying with. Still, it’s a fresh start and an adventure, and that’s how I’m trying to approach it. Nothing is ever gained from sitting on your duff waiting for the world to come to you, so HERE I COME WORLD. GET READY.



Kermit Farshot!

So work is still jealously consuming all of my free time, so I haven’t had as much time as I would’ve hoped to create pretties for you all. Since I’m slowly plugging away on some commissions and haven’t gotten a chance to finish coloring this one, here’s a line-art preview of one of my latest character drawings: Kermit Farshot, human archer.


A color version of Kermit, his co-adventurer Charity, and much more are on the way kiddies! (Assuming I can retain what little sanity I still have in the meantime) so stay tuned 😀


Ainfean “Rose” Dempsy


I am remiss! I forgot to mention some very exciting news in the life of the chibi-jellyfish!

I just accepted a job in an office, doing data entry and office-support, which means I will be bidding Busch’s goodbye. The perks of the new job include better benefits, longer and more frequent breaks, holidays off, no crazy retail rushes to deal with, and higher pay than any previous job 🙂

What this means for YOU, dear readers, is that I will probably be back to posting artwork (reasonably) regularly, given I will finally have a steady schedule and come home feeling ready to be creative instead of coming home exhausted and burned out.

It will be good times! 😀

And with that, I now return you to your regularly schedule blog post 😀



Another new game! We’re trying something new with our gaming group, since the group has gotten fairly large and a bit unwieldy. We’ll be splitting the group in half at random each week, with each group going on separate, but related, adventures, to give each player more time to have their moment in the sun.

The game is set in the late 1600s with our group working as monster hunters for the Catholic Church.

This is my character for this experimental new game 😀


Ainfean (pronounced AWN f’yun, according to the internet) “Rose” Dempsy is Irish by birth, and was raised with Celtic Pagan beliefs, including a healthy dose of folk-lore and folk medicine. When her family was forced to convert, she adopted Catholicism in much the same way Shinto believers in Japan adopted Christianity: she blended it into her existing beliefs, but didn’t every really give them up. Though she keeps up a very Catholic front, given her employers, Ainfean knows the legends and folklore of her people and still believes strongly in the faerie folk. Her motivation is less serving the church and more eliminating the monsters that would otherwise prey on the unsuspecting or vulnerable among us.

Ainfean is a slighty rough-around-the-edges country lass. Though she is fairly smart, she doesn’t always think before speaking, can be famously stubborn, and is much more at home slogging around in the woods, getting spattered in mud than she is in a formal settings or fancy parlors. She has an impressive knowledge of herbal remedies and isn’t particularly squeamish about most things. She is a good doctor, despite having little formal training, having learned first-hand from her mother from the time she was a little girl.  She can even perform surgeries, though she is far less experienced in treating really serious injuries than minor ones.

Ainfean isn’t really a fighter, but she won’t hesitate to defend herself and she isn’t afraid to fight dirty when she has to. Sticks, mud, rocks, fine china, rocking horses… she’s not really picky, provided it can be thrown, swung, or stabbed at her adversary.

She also has excellent eye-sight, a petite frame, speaks 4 languages, and can stare down most anyone if she’s in a temper.

Masuyo – Shinto Priestess – WIP

This is Masuyo, the rough idea for a character in our new game set in Feudal Japan. She is a shinto priestess and possibly either a daughter of or married into the family of a poor ox-cart driver who became prosperous and well respected over the course of his life. (If she’s a daughter, I will need to change her name.)


More details and probably more drawings will be coming later. Enjoy kiddies 😀

Lady Morgan

Since it was accidentally spilled (out of character) who she really is, I can finally post my image of Mrs. Powers as Morgan Le Fay. She seriously seriously hates her husband’s new friend. Like… a lot.


I took some artistic liberties with this, since I generally don’t like how this character was treated in the original stories. She’s more Earth-centered here, with bare feet and silver moon-themed jewelry. She’s not thrilled about Arthur coming in and mucking up her world, and she’s not about to take any shit from him. That guy is going DOWN.

Game Sketches

And clean-up 😀

Yep, we’re playing yet another game, and a pretty cool one at that. Here’s a couple of sketches I did of my character, Mrs. Powers:

Mrs-Powers-Sketch-1 Mrs-Powers-Sketch-2

And one of the sets cleaned up:


This is her normal daily wear and her bed-time wear. Just ignore all the character-sheet stuff on the sketches, I was too lazy to block that part out.

Mrs. Powers is the wife of a politician who has risen to power largely through her influence. She’s tough, smart, and manipulative. She’s willing to use whatever advantages she has to get what she wants, and dabbles in magic and the occult. Do NOT get on her bad side.

There will be more of her coming up 🙂



The Lord Skellegore Memorial Waterslide

ALRIGHTY. Now that I am not passing out on my keyboard, I can better explain this 😀

You all probably remember that I posted a sketch of Lord Skellegore WAAAAAAAY back in October. He is petter of puppies, squee-er on water slides, recent NPC in our Land of the Lost fantasy RPG. (Yes, he became an NPC after the sketch was posted. Because he’s awesome :D)

Skellegore was a representative from “The Empire of Light” (aka, the land of the undead). He was an ambassador that our characters interacted with and later housed in our magical giant-stone-head house. (LOOONG story there.) As we ended our last session, we were preparing to cast a shield spell over the city we operate out of, Keepers Cove, which would require our magic house to get used up as a conduit and a specific incantation to make it work. What we didn’t know was that we didn’t have enough juice on our own, so Skellegore sacrificed himself to fill in the extra. His note (which we found afterwards) said he did it because he felt ready to move on to actually being dead, he really wants us to succeed in taking down the baddies of the story (two power-crazy generals who worship an evil snake who likes human sacrifices), and because he wanted to help us protect the city. We all got rather misty.

Also in the note was the request that we have a statue of him built, something fun but tasteful, to commemorate him. He thought it would be cool to have a memorial to him in a ‘living’ city because it’s never happened before. Given his love of Mexican food (and hats), puppies, and waterslides, we made it happen.

In Memorium: Lord Skellegore – petter of puppies, squee-er on water-slides, saver of Keepers Cover. (Click here for appropriate music)


To better read the inscription on his statue’s plaque, here’s a close-up:


Yes, he does wear floaties. At all times. Because they are awesome. And he is petter of puppies.

The building in the background is intended to be the city-hall, but it’s just sort of there as window-dressing. The sky is green because of the shield spell we cast last session. And now, it’s FACEPLANT-INTO-BED time. ‘Night all.