Wookie Dance T-shirts

The Let the Wookie Dance design is now up in my Society 6 shop! There are also throw-pillows, phone cases, etc. (the usual assortment of stuff) if you’re interested in more goodies.

Wookie T-shirt preview

Other designs will be joining these in time, so check back now and again to see what’s new 🙂



Hey kids, remember how I said I was going to have more time to draw and post? Yeah, that was before I actually started the job.

I was getting up at 5 am and getting home just after 4 pm for a month or so, then I moved to avoid the commute that was eating my life, which meant I didn’t have a desk for roughly ANOTHER month, so I couldn’t set up my drawing tablet, scanner, or really much of anything else.

BUT, now I am back, and I have all sorts of goodies to scan and post, as well as a new sale!

For all of January and February, to celebrate my glorious limping return, I’ll be doing character design, super cheap!

$25 for a full body portrait
$50 for a full-body with front, side, and back view
$100 for the whole enchilada: full-body front, side, and back view, face detail view, and clothing/equipment detail.

These will be first-come, first-served. First paid request gets first finished image.  I can either email the finished image file to you or place it in dropbox and give you the link to download it. Your choice 🙂

(* Lineart only)

Hit up my website marielblack.com for my regular rates if you want color or fancy effects, and to pay for your image. Donations are, of course, also welcome  🙂

If you want the character’s stats and personality fleshed out, I can do that too, but it isn’t included in the sale price. Send me a message or an email for a quote 🙂

See you with new shiny artwork really soon kids 😀

Pea-ple part 2. THE PODDENING.

The new winning sketch:

Some tweaking shall obviously have to occur, and this is not “officially” approved, but feedback thus far has been positive, so I thought I’d share 😀

Possibly (yet) another Deadlands Character design forthcoming. Currently Rose is my favorite pick, but I may try changing a few things about her to make her better suited for the game group.  Suggestions are welcome for this, but keep in mind I may or may not use them.

Til next time little artophiles 😀

Peascod! now with gathering!

Some friends of mine *cough*youknowwhoyouare*cough* asked me to do a logo for their English Country dance group a week or two ago, called the Peascod Gatherers. The design they had in mind was a peapod, dancing, with the peas made of music notes. And it needs to be versatile enough to go on business cards, websites, or whatever. So, I started drawing dancing pea-ple 😀

Making them actually look like peas and not… mouths, lemons, dancing bugs, etc… turns out that’s more challenging than it sounds. Current front-runners are guitar thingy and the clothed peapod dancers.

Final design will be posted when it is finished and approved 🙂 Stay tuned!