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Hey followers and newcomers, like the artwork you see here? Want to wear it on your body or drink your coffee out of it every day? Well good news! I’ve got my work up on Society 6 and Cafe Press, available for purchase.

Here are some examples of what you can get:

evil giraffe t preview here_come_the_brides_greeting_card i_saw_daddy_kissing_santa_claus_hoodie_dark octogirl totebag preview puppykittenjoust phonecase preview steampunk_greasemonkey_ipad_sleeve zombie family clock preview

Everything you buy helps me keep doing what I do, and earns my undying gratitude for being so awesome 😀

Thanks for checking me out everybody! Newest posts are below 🙂

Inktober Witches 2 – Urban

When I thought of an ‘urban’ witch, I pictured a hip young lady on a laptop, sipping chai while she researches spells. The iguana familiar was just for fun 😀

This young lady is sitting in her favorite coffee-shop, Witch’s Brew Espresso, with her familiar, Iggy, looking up medicinal teas at the moment. It’s early summer in California in my mind, so she’s dressed for the warm weather.


Below is the original drawing that I scanned when this was first drawn back in November. I liked it ok, but was never 100% satisfied with the image as it was.
I think adding the tone on my chic witch helped tremendously, and getting the window decal in place to help establish what that big empty space on the right is helped too. I’m finally happy with the finished ink version, above, though she will almost certainly be getting the full-color Photoshop treatment later on (like most of my inktobers).


Inktober Witches 1 – Seasonal

Fun with hatching and cross-hatching!

“No, Miss Jingles, you may not have a cookie. These are for our friends. You can have some gushy food when we get home.”

This is my first Inktober Witch, who I decided to make Holiday Seasonal 😀
She’s delivering fresh-baked cookies to her friends down the street, with her familiar, Miss Jingles, in tow. (Miss Jingles has a thing for gingerbread.)



The original plain lines


If anyone was wondering, I’m using a list of prompts called ’31 Witches’ created by ochibrochi.(The list is here). Thanks for the fun prompts, ochibrochi!

Inktober 31 – Friend


This is the very last of my official Inktober 2016 images 🙂 I’ve always been a sucker for snuggling animals, so I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do with this one.

Inktober Tues/Thursday updates will continue for now. I’m moving on to a new list of Inktober Witches that I found online, and I’ll be participating in Illustration Fridays going forward (though I’m a little behind since I started my first illustration on Wednesday of my first week). Stay tuned!

Inktober 30 – Wreck


“I’m gonna wreck it!”

This one was a little tougher to scan than some of the others, since I did it in a new sketchbook that has a pretty tight, stiff binding, and it’s tough to fold the other pages out of the way for scans. I still intend to retouch it and prettify it in Photoshop at some point in the future (which, honestly, I want to do with a -lot- of my Inktobers 🙂 )