Release of Anxiety


This one wasn’t so much planned as just kind of shoved its way out of my skull onto the page and then decided when it was done.

Take from it whatever you like (other than the obvious – don’t steal my art :p), but this one was cathartic for me.


Summer Dreaming


Ah…. summer time.
I had music on the brain, working on Pirate Swing ’17, and decided I wanted to update my FB cover photo (prooooobably should’ve looked up the accurate proportions first. Oops.) This is the result. I’m very proud that I didn’t use any reference for this, and the people still look like people and not terrifying sausage demons.

I realize it’s been roughly FOREVER since I’ve posted, and even then it was a bit sporadic, and I appologize to those of you who’ve been waiting for work. Real life has been keeping me busy and tired and it’s kept me from posting as much as I’d have liked.

I DO have a backlog of work that I’ll be posting soon, so you shouldn’t have to be disappointed in me THAT much longer πŸ˜€


Enjoy, and I’ll be seeing you folks around πŸ™‚

Spirit of the Season

So, as those of you who know me probably know, Christmas for me is a family occasion, not a religious one. I celebrate by over-eating on holiday goodies, visiting the family, and occasionally exchanging gifts with people I care about.
I also celebrate by drawing random thematically appropriate images (like dees one):

Creepy Christmas face 2015

This is Noel, the literal Spirit of the Season.

For those who are playing ‘Christmas Symbol Bingo’ at home, here’s a quick breakdown of what Noel has going on:

  • Her hair is a wreath, laced with little bangles and wax berries, and topped with a shiny foil gift bow.
  • Her face is made of packed snow and she has iced cookies as ears.
  • Her eyes are jingle-bells.
  • Her nose is bracketed by a Christmas tree (the star is on her forehead, stradling the bridge of her nose, and the trunk is her philtrum).
  • Her eyebrows are holly leaves and berries.
  • Her cheeks are bauble ornaments.
  • Her lips are candy-cane.
  • Her earrings are spearmint candies.
  • Her neck/shirt collar is made of blue snowflake wrapping paper held closed with a little square of Scotch tape.
  • The background is GLITTER πŸ˜€ (because I felt like it :D)

More goodies are coming, but this one seemed appropriate for today’s post.
Happy Winter Holiday of Your Choosing (or as I like to call it: ChristmaRamaHannuYulsticeKwanzikamassadan ) and a happy New Year! πŸ˜€

Moulin Rouge AU comic

So, you all remember that Moulin Rouge comic I promised you to celebrate 75 followers for this blog? The ‘5 page’ comic (that became 7 pages)?

It’s done! πŸ˜€








Screentones are harder to work with than I expected, but they’re kind of fun too. I may try them out again sometime. All in all, an interesting experience.

Thanks for following folks! More artwork will be coming!

New Banner

Many of you probably noticed that I have a new banner up on the site (and my Tumblr). Congrats for being observant! πŸ˜€
While I liked my original banner, it just wasn’t scaled right with my new theme, and I had a few things I wanted to revise about it, so I just redrew the whole image.


I’m much happier with how this one turned out, and I even got to incorporate a font I made of my handwriting πŸ˜€

For those wondering where that Moulin Rouge comic got off to, I’m still working on it. At the last minute I added another page and completely redid the original final page, so I still have one more page to finish up, then it will be here for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜€

Stay tuned! πŸ˜€

Whoops, I drew a Self Portrait.

“Just a quick doodle.” I told myself. “I’ll work on the comic after I get warmed up.” “I’m too tired to want to jump in to inking, I’ll do it in a few minutes.”

AAAAAAAAAnd then this happened.


It was supposed to just be a cell-shaded version of a photo I took of the makeup I did for a dance-party a few weeks ago. And then I started shading it… and removed the linework to see a detail better, and realized that I liked it better WITHOUT lines, and then shaded some more and… well… yeah. I might’ve gotten a little carried away, is what I’m getting at.

At least I can say I’ve got a reasonable grasp on color and shading πŸ˜€

Nice Haircut.

I was feeling a little burned out on screen-tones, so I took a quick break from the 75 followers comic and whipped this up to clear out the cobwebs.


Ah, it feels good to do some traditional cell-shading now and again.

Comic is coming up, just two more pages to go πŸ™‚

Draw a Bird Day

I was debating what to draw for Draw a Bird Day, and I almostΒ decided to drawΒ a humming bird, but when I stumbled across this falcon who clearly feels absolutely fabulous, well…. I knew I’d found my bird.


Falcon feels pretty, oh so pretty! Falcon feels pretty, and witty, and FABULOUS!

Seriously, look at that original photo and tell me that’s not exactly what that bird is thinking.