30 Day Monster Boy Challenge: Merman

So this is only loosely a merMAN in that it’s more a hybrid dragon/fish. And I’m ok with that.


I have actually dubbed this a Dragonfish. I have no idea if that’s a real species or not, but I don’t care either 😀

This little guy is luminescent and omnivorous. Dragonfish eat plant life and smaller sea life, cutting down tough seaweed stalks and cracking the shells of prey with their powerful front claws, similar to those of a lobster or crab.

Their red eyes see in the infrared spectrum so they can always spot prey, even in the semi-light they create. Dragonfish are exceptionally fast swimmers with a powerful tail and large wing-like fins growing out of their backs. They are not, however, high endurance swimmers, and usually use their swimming prowess mostly for catching prey or escaping predators. Their preferred method of getting around is scuttling across the sea-floor on their segmented legs, using the tail for balance.

Dragonfish are not venomous, but like a Komodo Dragon, you don’t want to get pinched or bitten by one. While the nasty soup of bacteria in their mouths are not typically fatal for a healthy adult human, it will knock you down, hard. Dragonfish, fortunately, prefer flight to fight, but they will attack if they feel threatened, and especially if you step down too close to them.

Their bodies are translucent, allowing the natural glow from inside their bodies to pass through.


Next up will be spider boy. Stay tuned!


30 Day Monster Boy Challenge: Naga

Whew, I might’ve gotten a bit carried away with this one.

(click to en-big-en)


A family of nagas, including grandpa and daddy nagas, relaxing by the light of a cozy fire.

I had thought about taking this approach for the lady naga image, but it just didn’t feel quite right then. Now I’m very happy with how it came out 🙂

These naga aren’t based on any particular tribe, but I did look through a lot of photos of native South American tribes for their appearance and clothing. When I think snakes, I tend to think jungle, and I so rarely draw native peoples.

I’m officially dedicating this to my grandpa, because I was thinking of him the whole time I worked on it. I have many fond memories of playing with my grandpa and going on ‘dates’ (where I got a cookie and a chocolate milk while he had coffee) because he wanted to spend time with me. Fortunately, I still have my grandpa, but I don’t know if I tell him often enough how awesome he is. SO even though I know he doesn’t read my blog and probably never will, this one’s for you Grandpa 🙂 I ❤ you.


And as an added bonus, since I know the firelight effect dulls some of the details, here they are without that effect in place.

(Same deal, click to en-big-en)


Mermaid will be next. Stay tuned.

30 Day Monster Boy Challenge: Centaur

I got my rear end kicked by a nasty cold, which slowed me down, but at last, the dapper Mr. Centaur is done!

(As usual, click to en-big-en)


I may still have some Sherlock Holmes on the brain, but at least it’s the Victorian variety now 😀

This charming gentleman is Mr. Clyde S. Dale, a Victorian gentleman who can trace his lineage back to the Centaurs of old. He’s keeping up on his reading while he waits to be called for dinner. The cook is making oats with chunks of carrots (his favorite) and it’s making him fidgety to wait, hence the swishy tail and the twitchy rear hoof. Normally he’s much more collected. (Can’t go around acting like a common stallion, can one?)

Next on the list: the slime. Stay tuned!

30 Day Monster BOY Challenge: Harpy

Yes, that’s right, we’re doing this again. This time with possessors of penii!

I’m going to try to make sure to take a different approach to each prompt than I did last time, for variety and to keep the challenge fresh. I may not go OPPOSITE, necessarily, but I will try not to just retread my earlier ideas with different gender.

With that out of the way, it’s time foooooor: MONSTER BOYS!

The Harpy:


Unlike his female counterpart, this guy is pretty laid back. He’s got a cushy life in a comfy cage with all the shredded newspaper he can nest in, and a steady supply of sunflower seeds.  He’s not exactly in shape, but as long as nobody lets the cat get too close to him, he doesn’t need to be.

Centaur will be next. Stay tuned kids 😀

30 Day Monster Challenge: Celebrate Monster Girls!

I celebrated the end of the challenge with some Labyrinth fanart!

(click to en-biggen)


“Evening gentlemen. Either of you wake the Cherub there and it’s the Bog of Eternal Stench for a month.”


“Fine, fine. A week.”


“Er… just keep it down, boys… Now where was I? Ah, yes: ‘And then the princess and her unicorn-”

Sarah has finally decided to admit that she’s kind of into her narcissistic, tight-pantsed, glitter-enthusiast stalker suitor. He’s finally admitted that she totally does have power over him and he’s making good progress on laying off the possessive, controlling creeper routine. She’s taken over the role of Goblin Queen and they’ve been quite happy together for some time.

Oh, and who’s that with them? Looks like it’s another member of Labyrinthine royalty: Ofelia. You all remember Ofelia from Pan’s Labyrinth, don’t you? She even brought some of her fairy friends and the satyr with her (in plush form because holy-shit is he creepy…) I figured that since Ofelia got a terribly sad, depressing ending, I should give her a happier one. See, she was half right. She IS a princess who’s daddy owns a labyrinth kingdom. BUT that kingdom died out while she was waiting to be reborn into the little girl from the movie, so she finds herself in the Goblin Kingdom instead.

Jareth, though he’d die before admitting it, secretly adores kids and kidnaps the ones people wish away because he wants to spoil them and make them happy. After centuries of doing whatever they want, they evolve into goblins and live in the Goblin Kingdom quite happily. He took to sweet little Ofelia immediately and Sarah found her absolutely adorable. She also sees a bit of herself in the backbone-of-iron little girl.

When Ofelia told them she was a princess of the underground kingdom, they said “Why, yes, I do believe you are.” gave her a crown and her own bedroom and adopted her right then and there. They know what she went through in her past life and how she died, so they’re careful to take extra good care of her.

Normally, pixies and fairies are pretty reviled in the Underground. They’re mean and they bite. But Ofelia has a way with fairies and under the influence of the few who came with her, the locals have tamed quite a bit. They even lend a hand with bedtime stories (though they’ll still nip Jareth just for spite on occasion).

That’s it for the challenge prompts for now, folks 🙂 I plan to go back through the list and re-do some of my lazier and/or crappier drawings and to do the list again with male characters, but for now, I’ve got some deadline-sensitive work to finish. Stay tuned for the next episode kids 😀

30 Day Monster Challenge: A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other

I fudged this one slightly thanks to a suggestion from a friend. I’ve done at least one or two other images of ladies luuuurving on one another, so I ran with something a little different for this one. (I’m planning to go back and do the series of monster BOYS anywho, so I may do some lady-lovins for this prompt on that one just to even things up.)

And now it’s time FO-O-OR: #29 -A big giant gay wedding! (Literally)

(Click to en-big-en. You know the drill.)


First off, no, you’re not imagining that. Adam and Steve DO bear a striking resemblance to a certain closeted pair of “roommates” from Sesame Street.  Also, yes their names ARE Adam and Steve, because I find the “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and STEVE” thing to be incredibly stupid and annoying. Consider this my “fuck you” to that argument.

Adam and Steve have been together for several centuries, and while technically giants don’t have marriage laws at all, they wanted to wait until their “small people” friends were able to marry before making it ‘official’. The day has finally arrived, so they’re tying the knot at last.

Adam and Steve have 3 adopted children together: Maria, Jason, and Zenia (left to right in the picture). Jason and Zenia are siblings who’s single-mother was a close friend of Adam’s. She died shortly after Zenia was born, so he and Steve took the two children in and have raised them along-side their first child, Maria, ever since.  Maria is super psyched that her daddies are getting married and she’s really excited to be the ‘flora girl’ (flowers are too small for giants to use in their ceremonies, so they pick attractive trees instead). Zenia and Jason are still adjusting to the loss of their mother, but since they’ve always known these two as “Uncle Adam” and “Uncle Steve” the transition to their new home wasn’t particularly difficult. Maria originally wasn’t going to have a tree corsage, but she wanted one “like Daddy’s” and they wanted the day to be special for her too. Jason and Zenia didn’t particularly care about that part. Jason’s just excited to be part of the day and Zenia is fascinated by her shoes.

All the gentleman giants, as you may have noted, are wearing a loin-cloth, as per giant tradition. Much like the Scottish kilt, Giantish loin-cloths are frequently worn to formal events, as they are traditional garb. Unlike the kilt, however, going ‘true Scotsman’ is considered crude and very bad manners, especially at an event that involves people small enough to see up your loin-cloth, so both gents are wearing skivvies underneath. (To do otherwise would be sort of like wearing a short-skirt and no underpants to a wedding.)

Also, you may  notice a few familiar folks in this picture. Our lovely cyclops newscaster, Trisha, is officiating, and the satyr and a few of her charming nymph lady-friends are in attendance as well. (They’re the tiny figures on the mountain-top just to the left of the grooms) Trisha is a (very) distant relative of Steve’s, who he asked to be part of the ceremony, since she’s used to being around “small people” as they call those of average-human size, and she’s used to speaking to crowds. Trisha, being a smaller breed of giant herself,  can generally  handle the mountain cold where Adam and Steve live, but she still had to bundle up since she’d be standing on that mountaintop for a while, and she has to wait for the “small people” to leave the mountain before she can safely walk down and not step on anyone. She’ll be up there for a while. The satyr (who I have not yet named…. suggestions?) is a friend of both grooms and is super happy for them that they’re finally getting married. She’s more content to date (a lot) for now, but hopes to settle down with the right lady (or several) someday. She and her nymph posse are also very cold-resistant – her fur and natural goat-iness helps her and they, being nymphs, are pretty much just naked at all times by default. They never get too hot or too cold and run around basically naked no matter what, so the hats and boots are really just for effect. It’s kind of like dressing up for nymphs.

Here the ladies are cheering their friends on:


@_@ It’s just… so… beautiful *sniffles* I always cry at weddings 😀

“Celebrate Monster Girls” is up next. Stay tuned kids 😀

30 Day Monster Challenge: A Group of Monster Girls Together

This one goes out to all the Swing Dancers (and fans of awesome 90s cartoons :D) I couldn’t decide which background I liked better, a city-rooftop or an indoor dance-space, so I’m giving you both! 😀

It’s a hot summer night in Ann Arbor, and the Gargoyle Swing Club is having a dance party! They have to pay extra for the rental space to cover the cost of buffing the scratches those claws will leave out of the floor, but it’s worth it. Fortunately, there’s plenty of big windows to open, and the dance party spills over onto the roof of a nearby building after the rental is up. Ah, those summer nights… (oh-well-oh-well-a tell me more, tell me more- sorry…. forgot where I was going with this :p)

Ok, so not all of these are girls, I know. But there ARE multiple girls, so it totally counts.

#28: A Group of Monster Girls Together (click to en-big-en as usual)

**UPDATE** I realized that the full-size version was a bit small to see some of the detail, so I re-uploaded it with a larger version. Should be a little clearer now 🙂



Why yes that handsome young gargoyle gent on the left IS wearing a KissME shirt! How astute of you to see that! 😀 (Because dancing is awesome and I like my latest design, so there :p)

Gargoyle dance etiquette requires that one be aware of their wings at all times and avoid smacking into other dancers or tangling up in each-other’s wings. Many choose to fold them in for dancing – especially novice dancers – but since this can restrict your arms, many just learn how to manage them while dancing and wing-based collisions amongst experienced dancers are rare.

If any of you browse the NPR site, you’ll probably recognize the inspiration for this picture. The basis for the placement and rough posing of the dancers comes from this here photograph: http://www.michiganradio.org/post/watch-grand-rapids-swing-dance-group-smash-world-record (photo#3 if the zoomed in version doesn’t appear) I didn’t use all the dancers since some are just sort of standing there talking, or are too distant or blurry to see their pose clearly, but I tried to choose a reasonable sprinkling of people. Also, I didn’t copy any of the traits of the people in the photo into the drawing (at least not on purpose) and tried to make my little group diverse in color, shape, size, and clothing. These are college-town gargoyles, so there’s ‘goyles here from all parts of the world. They really ought to be diverse 🙂 I just used the body-placements then put the photo away and created new people over the loose body-position sketches. Still – credit where it’s due 🙂

Also, obviously, it’s night-time because they’d be stone during the day. Like zis:


This took so unreasonably long O.o I begin to remember why I rarely do group-shots….

Monster Girl and sig other is up next 😀 Stay tuned.

30 Day Monster Challenge: A Truely Gruesome Girl

“Heather, what do you say to Mrs. Smith?”

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Smith. Welcome to our home.” [perky monotone, like a computer with a child’s voice]

“… er… hello Heather…”


“Heather… what’s that in your mouth?”

“I ‘unno.”

“… Where did you find it?”

“The neighbors yard. It’s CHEWY!”

“… Gosh, look at the time, I  just remembered an appointment I have to keep!”


Heather is a… unique child. She took some candy from a nice lady in a dark alley a few years back and she’s just never been quite the same. She’s still polite and pleasant, she’s just a little…. odd. Never tell her to do anything unless you’re very specific. Also, don’t leave her alone with other children. Just don’t. There have been… incidents.

“Momma… I think I did a bad thing I’m not supposed to again.”

“Oh my god… what happened-?

“Michael from next door said you were fat and you remember how at school they told us I shouldn’t let people say mean things about others? So I took the hammer out of Daddy’s shed and – oh I wasn’t supposed to do that, I can tell. I’ll ask Daddy next time.”

“What. Did. You. Do. With. The. Hammer?”

“Oh, you’ll be proud of me! I washed it off and put it right back where I found it.”

“I’m going to be hearing from the police again, aren’t I?”

“Not unless someone finds his body.”


A group of Monster Girls is up next, though probably not until Monday. Stay tuned, kids 😀