Inktober Witches 3 – Merchant


This is Ethel. She sells her wares at the Witch Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

The prompt for this one was ‘ragamuffin’ or ‘merchant’ witch, so I went a little of both. I picture this as being a witch Farmer’s Market where witches set up booths with spell ingredients, home-made cheeses and soaps, and cute, pointless jewelry.

Ethel here specializes in spell ingredients.


Inktober 31 – Friend


This is the very last of my official Inktober 2016 images 🙂 I’ve always been a sucker for snuggling animals, so I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do with this one.

Inktober Tues/Thursday updates will continue for now. I’m moving on to a new list of Inktober Witches that I found online, and I’ll be participating in Illustration Fridays going forward (though I’m a little behind since I started my first illustration on Wednesday of my first week). Stay tuned!

Inktober 30 – Wreck


“I’m gonna wreck it!”

This one was a little tougher to scan than some of the others, since I did it in a new sketchbook that has a pretty tight, stiff binding, and it’s tough to fold the other pages out of the way for scans. I still intend to retouch it and prettify it in Photoshop at some point in the future (which, honestly, I want to do with a -lot- of my Inktobers 🙂 )