Release of Anxiety


This one wasn’t so much planned as just kind of shoved its way out of my skull onto the page and then decided when it was done.

Take from it whatever you like (other than the obvious – don’t steal my art :p), but this one was cathartic for me.


Giselle Gargoyle – Character Design

giselle gargoyle

Answering the age-old question (from all the way back in 2007) of what Giselle from Enchanted would look like as a Gargoyle. The answer is… kind of adorable, actually.

For now, this is more of a character study, just working out the basic look of everything, but at some point, I do plan to do a full-body  illustration of this little lady (and possibly her lawyer-love, if I have time).

The top left is obviously a head-shot, the top right is the dress design, adjusted for a gargoyle (need to do a back view too, but I’m out of time for tonight). The bottom left is a bracelet that goes over her bicep (like Demona from the original show) and the bottom right is Giselle petting Pip. In other news, hands are hard to draw.

As was the case the LAST time I posted something, my day-job is eating my brain, since I’m running a two-person shop alone until next month, so no guarantees that I’ll be able to post regularly  for a while yet. (I know, I know, I’m sorry!) BUT at least after that things should calm down and become much more manageable again. (Ideally that’ll translate to more art going up, but we’ll just have to see what happens.)

If you have thoughts, please share them! I love getting feedback, even if it’s (constructive) criticism.

Inktober Witches 9 – Lolita


As background: While I’m passingly familiar with lolita fasion, I had to do a lot of research to get the look down, and while I was looking I noticed a pattern. Most of the poses I found were bland ‘kick up one foot and try to look adorable’ poses (aka: cheesecake). Frankly, I didn’t want to do anything that boring and just draw someone in a fluffy dress posing and trying to be cute.(Honestly, what would be the point? You can find about 100000000 photos and at least as many deviant-art posts of that exact thing all over the internet.)
SO, instead this pose is based off an American Ninja Warrior contestant scaling a wall… because I can. 😀

This is Tiffany. Tiffany REALLY likes to stay in shape and push her body to its limits – and she really really likes getting dressed up in floofy, lacy, cutesy outfits. She really gets a kick out of doing things like this while in full lolita dress, just to blow tourists’ minds. Tiffany has an entire Pintrist board that is nothing but photos of her doing insane stunts in her outfits, posted by people who happened to be nearby at the time.
She also dresses up her raven familiar, Mimi, because if there’s anything Tiffany’s more passionate about than absurd feats of human fitness, it’s fashion and proper accessorizing.


And, since I promised my FB followers that I’d put up some in-progress images from this one, here you go!

Here’s the original sketch of the pose, just getting the walls and the braced position right:


This is the more refined version with the raven added in, a basic poster layout, and roughed in clothes:inktober-witches-lolita-sketch-scan

The finished linework, before shading/touch-ups were added:inktober-witches-lolita-scan1

And then the finished piece:


Tiffany here will definitely be getting full-color photoshop treatment later, as will most of my ladies.


Inktober Witches 8 – Blood Witch


(The prompt just said ‘blood witch’. It didn’t specify what she was -doing- with the blood.)

Yasmine donates regularly, and since she’s a blood-witch, (here meaning she has blood-based magical abilities) she can change her blood-type to pretty much whatever she wants, so she can always give what hospitals need the most. All the nurses in her city now know her on sight and send her handwritten cards for every holiday.

Inktober Witches 6 – Oracle

I admit it, I had too much fun with this one once I got going. There are three of these ladies.

# 1 is a pretty straight-forward oracle reading the future. Not that interesting, but fun to draw.
#2 is a tech oracle. She’s a robot that pulls data from the world-wide-web and analyzes it to tell the future with surprising accuracy. She looks a little like a Norse shaman, because I was all set to draw one as my response to this prompt when my friend suggested the tech angle and I loved it too much not to do it. Then I decided to blend the two together.
This one came from another delightful suggestion to do a ‘soccer mom’ oracle, reading a soccer-ball. 

Inktober Witches 5 – Socialite


This is Edna Flabbergast III. She’s a well known witch that’s been in the biz for decades, and has hordes of admiring fans. She also just so happens to be obscenely wealthy, after some very strategic spell patents started paying off.
And if she wants to have that miniature pony her parents would never buy for her when she was a child as a familiar? Well, dang it, she’s going to.

I figured it’d be boring as hell to draw some 20 something lady in a skimpy dress posing for cameras. Other than tossing a hat on her head, she’d basically just be a Kardashian… Which… no. Just no.
SO, Edna came about. She’s an eccentric old witch with a flair for the dramatic and a tiny pony at her heels. Because that’s waaaaaaay more fun and interesting all around.

Inktober Witches 3 – Merchant


This is Ethel. She sells her wares at the Witch Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

The prompt for this one was ‘ragamuffin’ or ‘merchant’ witch, so I went a little of both. I picture this as being a witch Farmer’s Market where witches set up booths with spell ingredients, home-made cheeses and soaps, and cute, pointless jewelry.

Ethel here specializes in spell ingredients.