Music Inside

Dancing in my head - 2018 - PS v1-finished

Short version: I present to you, the feeling of being swept away by music.

The longer version is: this is what I feel when I hear certain music, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing. It picks me up and carries me away, and I’m usually dancing up a storm inside my head.
(In this case, it’s me sitting quietly in the cafeteria at work, doing my best to just eat in peace, rather than put on a show.)

In case it was a mystery to anyone: this is one reason I love dancing so much. Dance lets me give some form to this feeling and ride that high for real. (Who needs drugs when I can farm my own endorphins with some good music and a decent floor? :D)

Good music and good dancing… nothing on earth quite like it.


Release of Anxiety


This one wasn’t so much planned as just kind of shoved its way out of my skull onto the page and then decided when it was done.

Take from it whatever you like (other than the obvious – don’t steal my art :p), but this one was cathartic for me.

Giselle Gargoyle – Character Design

giselle gargoyle

Answering the age-old question (from all the way back in 2007) of what Giselle from Enchanted would look like as a Gargoyle. The answer is… kind of adorable, actually.

For now, this is more of a character study, just working out the basic look of everything, but at some point, I do plan to do a full-body  illustration of this little lady (and possibly her lawyer-love, if I have time).

The top left is obviously a head-shot, the top right is the dress design, adjusted for a gargoyle (need to do a back view too, but I’m out of time for tonight). The bottom left is a bracelet that goes over her bicep (like Demona from the original show) and the bottom right is Giselle petting Pip. In other news, hands are hard to draw.

As was the case the LAST time I posted something, my day-job is eating my brain, since I’m running a two-person shop alone until next month, so no guarantees that I’ll be able to post regularly  for a while yet. (I know, I know, I’m sorry!) BUT at least after that things should calm down and become much more manageable again. (Ideally that’ll translate to more art going up, but we’ll just have to see what happens.)

If you have thoughts, please share them! I love getting feedback, even if it’s (constructive) criticism.