Style Meme – Leela

Draw a character in a variety of styles? Challenge Accepted.

(As with most memes, this is a biggun)


I started this meme a few years ago, put it in a folder and forgot about it. While organizing my general art folder (which was quite disorganized) I came across it and decided it was about time to finish it out.

For the Saturday Morning Cartoon prompt, it took me a little while to decide what the appropriate ‘style’ was for Courage the Cowardly Dog. The show had a recognizable style, but it’s a bit hard to pin down just what makes it recognizable. I settled on distorted body shapes and sizes, odd coloration and manic expressions for most of the characters. In order to make them match the delightfully fucked up quality of the show, I used inspiration from a fan theory that makes a lot of sense: Everything in the show is shown through the eyes of a nervous little dog. That’s why his humans look normal but everyone else they meet looks terrifying and bizarre. It’s also why they live ‘in the middle of nowhere’. They probably Β have neighbors but the world outside of the house is scary so the dog doesn’t leave the farm. Courage is constantly ‘rescuing’ his human from scary outside things (imagine every nervous little dog you’ve ever seen and how it barks at EVERYTHING). So, if he met Leela, she’d immediately get a big grin on her face and start cooing over him and want to grab and pet him. Hence her enormous manic grin and her feet becoming a flowing puddle. She’sΒ everywhere so he can’t escape her attempts to cuddle him. Nibbler, I assume, would be able to communicate with him better, so Courage would see Nibbler more like the reality, but his fangs and extra eye would still be ranked under ‘scary’.

The shonen prompt required action, ridiculously long skinny limbs, large chest, Β and low detail on things like hair and faces. It’s designed to appeal to teenage boys.


The shoujo prompt required huge eyes, minimal facial features, soft colors and So MUCH Cute. It burnssss usssss…..


I’m particularly proud of the lower half of this (it being the newer stuff that’s a little more polished).

More goodies will be coming. Enjoy πŸ˜€



Valentine’s Day Meme

Yeah… I’m a little late finishing this. I started it before V-day, but then I had a bunch of other things happen and just never managed to get it done.

For this particular meme, I decided to try doing mostly just one graphite-like color and being a little sketchier and less precise than I usually am. It’s much faster and I’ve been told my pencil drawings have a life to them that my more finished work lacks. True? You be the judge πŸ˜€


Be warned, it’s a biggun, so it may take a few minutes to load.



Happy (extremely late) Valentine’s Day Matt πŸ˜€

Quick meme is quick

I wasn’t sure what to draw yesterday, so I did this to get myself going. It’s actually not nearly as challenging or annoying as the title suggested it would be…


2nd to last panel, I know the woman’s feet look odd. I couldn’t get them to work the way I wanted and I was tired of messing with them for just a quick meme. If I do the pose in a for-reals drawing, I will work harder at getting them right. Otherwise, I’m pretty pleased with how it came out πŸ™‚

Meme Time! -Disney-

So, I recently decided to do a meme just for giggles between other projects. I realized shortly after starting it that it was going to need to be an AU (alternate universe) me, or this one was going to get awkward in a hurry.

I’ll explain after you read through it πŸ˜€ (Note Prompt #3)


As you may have noticed, one of the major prompts is to design a “hot co-protagonist”. Being bi and wanting to nudge Disney in the direction of doing some same-sex love-stories at some point, this was a good opportunity to design a lady co-protagonist and go from there. But, that seemed kinda awkward since, y’know, dating a boy at the moment. SO, this is alternative Disney-verse me who is single and can therefore pursue the lady-love stories that may spring up without weirdness.

Next time, I think I’ll just create a totally fictional character to put through this meme and spare myself the awkwardness XD (I totally want that dress though…)

That said: here’s some explanation breakdown of each panel:

#1: Me as a Disney character. Emmy is CONSTANTLY begging for food, even if she has literally just finished eating a bowl of kibble. In a Disney-verse, she would be a musical animal doing numbers about food at every opportunity.

#2: Did you know that Li-Shang was voiced by Donny Osmond? Fun fact πŸ˜€ (Also I chose Mulan because she kicks ass.)

#3: Steampunk Princess Jasmine (after she gets past her anorexia) with red hair, riding a dragon. Hey, if I’m gonna dream, I might as well dream big πŸ˜€ I chose to make her a lady because, hey, I swing both ways, why not take the more interesting path here?

#4: Someone needs to choke the crap out of that jerk-ass, it might as well be me. I seriously wanted to mouse-trap that guy through the whole movie. Conveniently, I’m about 20x his size, so, y’know πŸ™‚

#5: Oops, AU-me fell off the dragon (close to the ground, she didn’t break anything) and is going “Oooooowww…..” They’re having that aaaaaaaaaaalmost brush-lips moment that every Disney movie has while co-protagonist helps her up and makes sure she’s not dead. Also it’s raining because… drama?

#6: This ties more into the plot of the movie I imagine happening that involves the co-protagonist. She dragged AU-me into her steam-punk/fantasy world because she needed somebody who could use this fire-elemental stone that she had, and her element is water. AU-me happens to be a fire element and can use it. The stone works only for a person of the correct elemental alignment and it’s powered by emotions. If for instance, the antagonists beat up her friend/maybe-love-interest-but-we’re-too-emotionally-constipated-to-have-worked-this-out-yet, she gets mondo-pissed. And she inflicts much pain and smack-down. And burning. Lots and lots of burning. Probably ending in a dramatic building collapse where AU-me appears to have gotten trapped in the rubble, but is saved by the power of magic and love and other such plot devices.

#7: a) The jammies she had on when she landed here were getting a bit ratty, so she gets a shiney new outfit from co-protagonist. b) The big end scene. Her new outfit got tattered all to hell on her way back to the water kingdom, so she got herself cleaned up and put on a new dress to go find the princess (co-protagonist) and explain that she isn’t dead. Co-pro decides “fuck worrying about rejection, you’re not dead and I’mma snog you silly!” and cuts off her re-cap of how she survived by doing just that. AU-me is totally ok with this. Someone tries to come in and talk to Princees Co-pro, but she’s busy snogging AU-me and doesn’t want to be bothered. Roll credits. The end.

There Disney, I just wrote you your first same-sex animated feature. You’re welcome, but you’d better give me writer credits! πŸ˜€

MEME! of flirtation :D

I had artist block the other day, so I decided to do a meme instead of doing something meatier. Here is that meme.

(click to view at full size)


I decided to take a few liberties with the idea of “flirting” and just went ahead and went for full-on snuggling in a few of these. (What the hell is “embracing” if not the same thing as “hugging” anyway? I chose to make it be snogging against a pier πŸ™‚ )

Also, for the sake of fairness, I decided to alternate each image, female/female, male/male, male/female. Plus I get to indulge my “AWWWW” reflex when viewing cuddling couples like woah πŸ™‚ The seasons also rotate for each image, though it’s not always easy to tell, since some are indoors and some our outdoors. (And some are set in a fantasy land.)

There’s also a snidgeon of story or at least conversation to go with each panel of the meme.

Holding hands: “OH MY GOD I DID IT! I TOTALLY KISSED HER! Wooooh!”Β  “Oh my gosh, she kissed me! I’m never washing these lips again!”

Grabbing the arm: These two gents are out at the local carnival taking in the sites and going on rides. Seen here, gentleman #1 (I’m too lazy to name any of them who’s names don’t volunteer to my brain immediately) was smart enough to wear a jacket and is enjoying his icey-cold soft-drink. Gentleman #2 forgot to bring one, so he’s warming up with a hot coffee. They’re off to the tunnel-of-love next πŸ™‚

Entwined fingers: Marco is teaching Gina how to tango. It is in no way an excuse to get closer to his secret crush, no sirree. And Gina certainly didn’t agree to it just so she could get up-close-and-personal with HER crush. Nope, nope nope πŸ˜‰

Hugging: “You’re my best friend ever, Eva.” “Awww, love you too, Short, stuff.” (*Cue couch-cuddles*) ‘Short stuff’ is actually Yoo-Sun Woo, daughter of Korean immigrants and hardcore Harajuku fashion-fan. She has never been to Japan, but secretly dreams about taking Eva there someday, though she will probably NEVER convince Eva to dress up or dye her hair all rainbowy. Eva thinks Yoo-Sun is fricking adorable, but she will never understand her sense of style. She’s ok with it though.

Embracing: I have no idea what this was supposed to be since Embracing and Hugging are basically the same thing. Hence, it became making-out on a pier. Good times πŸ™‚

Holding form Behind: Paul and Yasmine have been besties since they were 6. They’ve been dating since they were 16. Paul is planning to propose to her over hot-chocolate after they’re done playing in the snow πŸ™‚

Lifting up (princess style): “Eep! Where did you come from?!” “Let’s just get you home now, shall we?” (I envision this as the lady soldier rescuing a clueless princess from a rowdy crowd. The princess got in over her head and her body-guard waded in to retrieve her.)

Carrying on back: Steve here is carrying his boyfriend home from a late-night party at their friend’s house. Boyfriend stayed up all night watching B-movies and crashed around 4 am. Since he can only keep one eye open at a time, Steve kindly volunteered to carry him the 3 blocks home. (Fortunately, Steve plays field-hockey and boyfriend is fairly light.)

Hiding face in: “Not that I’m complaining about comforting Suzy here, but did you HAVE to scare her like that? YouΒ  know she’s mortally terrified of clowns…”

Touching foreheads: Since this was the last image in the set, and because there’s one extra of the lady/lady pairing vs the other two, this one’s a little special. It’s an anniversary-party slowdance for Nadine and Agatha here. The two ladies have been together for 15 years and got officially married two years ago. They may be in their mid-40s, but they still act like teenagers when they’re together.


In other news, little artlings, some friends an I have recently founded an art collective! Check us out here:

We are accepting commissions, but since we’re only just getting up and running, please be patient if there are little delays.

Clothing Meme – Gisli

Another meme! πŸ˜€

I had so much fun with this one, which is probably why it took me a solid week to finish it…

πŸ˜€ Don’t care, did art.

Again this is a LARGE image, so please allow it some time to load. It may take a few minutes.

A few details: This is Gisli. She’s a pre-Christian, Norse lesbian, who is in love with her best friend, Signy. I won’t say much more about, since I have a revamp of her graphic novel in the works, so you can read all about her when it’s posted and/or published someday πŸ˜€

As far as the meme:

1) Gisli looking pretty sedate and normal.

2) Gisli does not appreciate this ethnic stereotyping. Also she thinks she looks stupid in that outfit.

3) Gisli is Storm. She likes this one, despite the skimpy clothes, because dressing like S&M Barbie comes with the joys of having the powers of Thor, as well as the ability to fly. She’s ok with that trade-off.

4) ❀ Lesbians in looooooove :3 (Gisli is holding Signy, in case anyone was wondering). Signy: “My hero… @-@ <3<3”

5) Gisli does not like corsets. They can rot in hell as far as she’s concerned.

6) Medieval Europe in the winter is very cold. These two goats wandered off, forcing her to go out looking for them. They are grounded for the rest of forever after this.

7) Gisli is all for anything that gets her out of her traditional gender role. Plus, she no longer has to deal with all that long super-curly hair once it’s been shaved off πŸ˜€ (She’s also very excited by her discovery of hair-dye and nail-polish.)

8) Relaxing at the pool. Gisli doesn’t much feel like getting in the water, but Signy is having a great time. (Shortly after this picture was taken, she tipped Gisli’s raft over and they had a play-wrestling match over her sunglasses. Good times were had by all).

9) Flower children. Not much to say about this, just the two of them being cute together. (Also, yes, Signy is supposed to be significantly taller than Gisli. Gisli is pretty short and Signy is unusually tall for her time-period. They’re such an adorable odd-couple πŸ™‚ )

10) While the adage “Never get between a momma grizzly and her cubs” is well known, it is actually far more dangerous to get between a cat-mommy and her fur-baby.
Don’t worry Gisli, I won’t cut you as along as you return my baby to me safe and sound when you’re done trying on my clothes πŸ˜€

(I opted for the outfit I’m actually wearing now for Gisli. The gray sweater made Emmy a little harder to see, but I prefer to challenge myself drawing what I’m really wearing, rather than picking out easy to draw stuff from my wardrobe and being lazy πŸ˜€

Related posts:

As you can see here, I made some more serious adjustments to their character designs for their final look.

And here is the sneak preview of image #4. So cute πŸ˜€ (They are now my desktop background :3)


More will be coming, childrens, so keep watching. Likely next up with be a second crack at that “forbidding tomb” I was trying to do earlier, and a few more settings. Probably some character designs too.
Anyone with suggestions of awesome settings or locations that you’d like to see me draw, let me know. I’m looking to sharpen my skills, so challenging is fine πŸ˜€

(Link to the blank meme can be found here.)

Also, if you’re still reading, you probably care: PRINT SALE!

Gisli in the snow

As Adam pointed out, I may be spending A LOT of time drawing lately. He came in to tell me to go to bed about a half hour ago… after I had been drawing most of the day. And gods-help-me, I simply could. not. stand. to get up from this chair until the scene I was drawing was done.

The meme I’m doing isn’t done yet, but I’m pleased with how this particular part came out, so I’m giving you allΒ  a sneak peak πŸ˜€

Presenting: Adorable Lesbians in Snow

The blonde is Gisli, the brunette is Signey (her lady-love). Some of you may remember the attempt I made to redo their characters here. I liked SOME of the changes, but others just weren’t doing it. So, they got a few more little updates. Enjoy πŸ˜€ More details about these two will probably accompany the actual meme this comes from.

Nighty night childrens πŸ˜€

MEME Redraw #2

(Technically this is #1.)

Since they’re fun, and good drawing practice, I’ve been doing some art-meme redraws lately. Alas, I don’t have the old versions of some of these, since they were not saved before I deleted my deviantart account (where most of them were posted). I tried to find the old version of this one, for example,and got nowhere. Still, I had fun πŸ˜€

Presenting: NYU’S ART MEME (Oppa Chibi Style) πŸ˜€

**This might take a minute or two to load properly. It’s a BIIIIIG image.**

Anyone who wants to do this meme themselves can find it here.

Have fun kiddies, more will be coming. πŸ˜€

Boyfriend Meme Redo! :D

So, some of you who usedΒ  to visit my DA site might recall that I did a small selection of memes around the time my relationship began (2009ish) Most of the drawings were so-so, and a few of the answers have changed, so I redid one with updated responses and new drawings πŸ˜€

Don’t think I’ll do any more of these (they are TIME CONSUMING beasts) but it was fun to do at least this one πŸ™‚

Now, onwards to ice-cream, a commission or two, and some more character creation fun πŸ˜€