Chibi Karaoke Jason

I promised Jason I’d draw him, and since we were chatting earlier… ūüėÄ I did a thing.

chibiJason chibiJason-cat

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee may or may not have been mentioned – hence, cat ears and tail. He seems to really like this version of himself, so I’m sharing it with y’all now ūüėÄ

More portraits and other art goodies will be coming along. (And I think we may have just launched an art-war between ourselves XD)


February Portrait Series: #1

So, I decided around the end of last month to do a series of portraits of my friends. The idea was that each person who wanted to be drawn had to provide a clear photo that showed their face and then was put in my que to be drawn.
Here’s portrait number one ūüėÄ


Alex, I’ll get you the file soon ūüôā


I have Katniss on the brain, apparently. I really enjoyed drawing her last week, so I thought I’d do a few more images with Book!Katniss during important moments in the story.


I tried to make Prim a little darker complected than you usually see her, since we never actually hear her described as being pale and blonde even if that’s how she’s usually portrayed. She’s just described as having light eyes and hair (as compared to Katniss and most of the rest of the inhabitants of the Seam). I figured that translated to their mother having a light complexion and blonde hair/blue or green eyes, but that it would mix a bit in Prim and that she’d fall somewhere in between. I also really tried to make them look like sisters, despite their very different complexions. They have the same nose, same eyes and eyebrows, and similar overall shapes, though obviously Prim is much smaller.

Poor Prim is scared shitless, both of being called, and that her sister just hurled herself in the way and signed up to basically go die in her place.

Katniss’s dress is a slightly nicer version of what she wore in the movie, since in the book, her mother gives her one of her old (and expensive) dresses to wear, so she’ll look nice for the Reaping. She also does Katniss’s hair up in a fancy braid, which I tried to show here.

Some portraits of friends and probably some more Katniss moments will be coming up in the nearish future. Stay tuned ūüėÄ

Agent Carter Wants YOU

If you’re watching this show, you know how awesome it’s been so far, and you’re eagerly awaiting more. If you AREN’T already watching this show… Why the hell not?


Haylet Atwell is absolutely amazing as Peggy Carter, the story is rich, the characters are interesting – and best of all, Peggy is a competent human being, a woman, and a PERSON. She’s not a cliche in high-heels, she’s got motivations, emotional depth, and she screws up sometimes. She’ll still lay you out flat on your ass if she has to, but with the power of her wits and a nasty right-hook.

Jarvis is perfect, Howard Stark is a delightfully douchey douchebag, and just… all the characters are so so good.

There are itty-bitty Black Widows, tie ins to the vast array of Marvel comic plotlines, and great fight-choreography, excellent writing, and sharply funny dialogue.

I know it’s not really in a good time-slot and it hasn’t gotten the press it deserves, but folks, this show is ground-breaking. Not only is this a good show with a female lead in a major comic property, but showing big support for it is how we get more female leads, more diversity in general. This is how we get movies that don’t center around a straight white guy and his hero journey. You want a Black Widow stand-alone movie? Start by showing that a leading lady sells like a leading man (or ideally sells BETTER), and we’ll get her.

(Also, how can you NOT enjoy Peggy beating the daylights out of a thug with a stapler?)

(For those who’ve been following for a while, you may remember this sketch from last summer, that I never really did much with. Well, now I have :D)


Katniss Everdeen (book version)

I wanted to warm up for a portrait series I start on next week and was trying to decide what to draw, when I remembered that I’ve been meaning to draw Katniss as she appears in the books for FOREVER. So I went back and rechecked the description of the people who live in the Seam and off we went ūüôā


I always envisioned Katniss as being Latina or having some significant percentage Native American heritage. Maybe both? (Her appearance is based on Latina reference photos.)
While I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, and if I hadn’t read the books would have been raving non-stop about her performance, I’m still sad that we didn’t get a chance to see an equally amazing performance out of an actress who looked more like Katniss. Why not a Latina actress? Why not a Native American actress? They’re out there, and I’m sure they’re good. Maybe someday…

For the coloring, I played around a little and moved a bit away from the cell-shading that I tend to do. Her skin-tone is layered transparencies to give it dimension and warmth, and her shirt is textured with screen tones. I really like how both effects worked, and I’ll probably try to use them again.

I will probably do another of these later, as well as a follow up on the Thresh and Rue image I posted a while back. I want to draw her either volunteering or giving the three-finger salute, and I want to draw her dressed up in the Capitol as well. Possibly one or two more scenes.
Anyone have suggestions for things they’d like to see?

Moulin Rouge AU comic

So, you all remember that Moulin Rouge comic I promised you to celebrate 75 followers for this blog? The ‘5 page’ comic (that became 7 pages)?

It’s done! ūüėÄ








Screentones are harder to work with than I expected, but they’re kind of fun too. I may try them out again sometime. All in all, an interesting experience.

Thanks for following folks! More artwork will be coming!

Bucky in a Comfy Sweater

Why must people put cute images in my head? Someone suggested drawing Bucky in a soft sweater being cozy, and… well I had to.


(I imagine that it’s easiest to keep the arm uncovered so fabric doesn’t get caught in the plates, and it’s not like it can really get all that cold, so he just rolls up the sleeve.)

And now I’m going to ruin it. Because I’m mean.

The enormous windows really freaked Barnes¬†out when he first came to stay in Stark Avengers Tower. If he’d been jumpy in the elevator, that was nothing compared to his reaction when they reached Steve’s floor.¬†What the hell¬†was Stark’s obsession with being visible at all times?
And the windows  vulnerabilities were everywhere. Half the walls in the place were made up of huge planes of glass. Bucky felt exposed. Vulnerable. Threatened. Defensive.
It was a rough first couple of weeks, until Jarvis finally blacked the panes out, and Bucky felt like he could breathe again.

For weeks he wouldn’t go near them, opaque or not, and tensed up noticeably anytime Steve strayed near one.¬†He was convinced someone would come crashing through one of them¬†in a full-scale assault on the building any time now. Fucking superheroes lived here. This place wasn’t safe. It was a huge blinking sign that read ‘please attack here’.

He didn’t care how often Stark Jr. swore up and down that the¬†window material was¬†stronger than steel. He didn’t care if there was supposedly some kind of super-advanced tech that prevented people from seeing in. He¬†really didn’t care if Stark’s creepy robot butler told him it was safe – because what the hell did JARVIS know about HYRDA, anyway?

Fuck. Windows. All of them. That was Bucky’s stance.

So Steve is, understandably, confused, when he comes home one evening to find his best friend sprawled out across the over-wide sill of a newly transparent window in their living room, wrapped up in the thickest, softest sweater Steve could find on offer in New York City, and his favorite khaki blanket.
It is, unsurprisingly, one of the only windows on the entire floor that isn’t overwhelmingly huge – roughly the right size for a 6-foot tall man to stretch out in- and has soft, soothingly light-blue curtains as a gentle frame-work around it. The whole setup makes for a pretty inviting seat, and Steve used to sit here to sketch when it was just him and he needed to keep his hands busy. He never really thought about it before, but this thing was probably very carefully designed precisely to calm down jumpy, nightmare-plagued veterans… Just- probably not the one who’s sitting in it now.
Stark might be obnoxious, but he notices little things that people need sometimes, even before they know it themselves…

Bucky looks sleepy and contemplative, a resigned sort of relaxation to him, that looks downright peaceful after months of looking over his shoulder and flinching if anyone got too close.
Bucky¬†even dragged over some throw-pillows from the couch to lean on, and seems to have gotten about halfway through one of Steve’s¬†‘must read’ novels¬†before getting distracted by the view outside – or maybe the one inside his own head. With everything Bucky’s been through, it can be hard to tell what he’s thinking.
A mug of what smells like the fragrant pomegranate tea that he pilfered from the common kitchen last week is still steaming gently against his knee, balanced by metal fingertips, and forgotten for now.

There’s no chance that Bucky didn’t hear him come in , but Barnes¬†doesn’t turn his head; just sits where he is, still and thoughtful and silent. His flesh and blood fingers remain pressed softly against the cold, clear glass, like he keeps expecting it to disappear.

“It’s not the same.” Bucky¬†says quietly after a few minutes of silence. “It’s… almost like… It’s close …, but- …” he can’t seem to decide on the right words, and¬†shrugs, still gazing out into the late January snow, then¬†falls silent again.

“It’s close, but not quite right?” Steve supplies¬†softly, coming to stand close to the window, careful not to block¬†Barnes in. Bucky hates it when he doesn’t have a clear path¬†to the nearest door.
There’s no answer but a soft exhale against the glass, so he presses on.
“… I know what you mean. S’like a bad dream sometimes. But it’s still home. Just… grew up a little while we were gone.”

“This is as close to the city as I’ve gotten in… months.” Bucky still hasn’t turned his head. Just watches his breath fog and fade against the window. “Me, I mean. Not him.” The words sound like they catch a little coming out. “I don’t know, or care where he’s been. Not right now.” Steve refrains from flinching at the way Bucky still disassociates from what was done through him. He prefers it to the screaming nightmares, in that Bucky seems to suffer less, but he’s been reminded mulitples times by Sam that he really shouldn’t be encouraging it. It isn’t healthy and it’s not helping Bucky heal. Steve’s never been all that good at tough love, though; and how do you remind your best friend that the mass murder they committed was still¬†technically them, even if it was¬†against their will? … Yeah, he’ll let someone who knows what the hell they’re doing tackle that, before he makes it worse.
“Could be totally fake, for all I know.” Bucky continues, interrupting Steve’s thoughts, his voice flat. “Just a picture… or a video, or whatever. Could be a trick and I’d never know it.”

“S’not a trick, Buck.” Steve crouches down to look out too, resting his elbows carefully by Bucky’s feet, eyes tracing a small white flake as it careens past. When Bucky doesn’t move away, he goes on. “The world changed, is all. This is just what it looks like now.”

Bucky looks out in silence for a few more minutes, then finally turns and looks at Steve. He looks so tired. So beaten down, despite all the positive progress he’s made since he came back.
“Yeah?” he asks quietly, less a question and more of an invitation.

“Yeah. You’ll get used to it eventually.”

Bucky seems to mull that over, then abandons his book entirely and clutches the mug in his lap with both hands, like he’s drawing strength from¬†the violently pink, fruit-scented beverage¬†inside. He takes a deep breath and fixes his gaze firmly on Steve’s.


“Yeah. Ok.” Two words that mean a lot more than that. Steve hears¬†I trust you. I believe you. I’m still following you.¬†He leans down and rests his head against Bucky’s leg, and Bucky lets him.

“It’s still real pretty in the snow, though.” Steve tells the blanket, though he knows Bucky can hear him just fine.

“Yeah.” Bucky agrees quietly, taking a long sip, and almost,¬†almost smiling, just the tiniest bit. His hand ghosts over Steve’s shoulder, balks, then finally settles, tentative as a a fluttering bird, just barely touching the¬†shirt-sleeve. It’s the first voluntary contact he’s initiated in days. Bucky’s eyes are back on the snow outside when Steve glances up at him, trying not to ruin the fragile moment with the weight of his smile. Steve looks away and buries his relief in a thick fold of the blanket. He’ll¬†take any connection they can have¬†right now.
“It really is.”

75 Blog Followers Celebration! (Part 1)

There are officially 75 of you following this blog, and that is awesome! SO, here’s part one of my big 75 followers celebration!


Since 75 is apparently the ‘gold and/or diamond’ anniversary, here we have Satine ‘the Sparkling Diamond’ of the Moulin Rouge in a lovely gold tux, sitting atop a diamond 75 and singing something for us. (She’s a good sport like that.)

The thing about Satine is, she kind of got a shit deal in her movie. She went from the top of her game (in an admittedly awful job), with men literally throwing jewelry at her feet and vying for her attention -they show guys pooling their resources just to try to catch her eye- to dying dramatically to further her love interest’s story. HER dreams are never really realized and she probably is hastened to her end by all the stress the fighting over her causes. ¬†That struck me as a bit bullshit, so the next illustration and the 6-page comic that will make up part 2 (and sadly I didn’t have time to finish before the holidays hit) tweak her story a bit. We’re going to give Satine back some of that power she used to wield and we’re going to let her keep it this time.
No consumption (TB), no love interest, no forced prostitution. The fate of her place of work DOES NOT hinge on who she chooses to bone, and she won’t let that happen to any of the other dancers, waiters, or crew people either. She’s the owner of the Moulin Rouge, as well as its star, and she takes good care of her employees, because, hey… somebody has to.

THIS Satine controls her own body and her own destiny.
Make way for the queen ūüôā