Inktober Witches 5 – Socialite


This is Edna Flabbergast III. She’s a well known witch that’s been in the biz for decades, and has hordes of admiring fans. She also just so happens to be obscenely wealthy, after some very strategic spell patents started paying off.
And if she wants to have that miniature pony her parents would never buy for her when she was a child as a familiar? Well, dang it, she’s going to.

I figured it’d be boring as hell to draw some 20 something lady in a skimpy dress posing for cameras. Other than tossing a hat on her head, she’d basically just be a Kardashian… Which… no. Just no.
SO, Edna came about. She’s an eccentric old witch with a flair for the dramatic and a tiny pony at her heels. Because that’s waaaaaaay more fun and interesting all around.

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