This one has a bit of a story to it:

My boyfriend is a huge Alien fan – (we’re talking wants a to-scale and movie-acurate Xenomorph statue in our home someday level fandom) – and we’re both big fans of Alphonse Mucha’s work. I had been pestering him for a while to tell me what he wanted for Xmas, since we’d only been dating about 6 months at that point, and I wasn’t sure what to get him.
During the conversation, he mentioned that he’d love to have a Mucha-style illustration of the Xenomorph from the Aliens franchise someday, which led to me scouring the internet for such an item and coming up with absolutely zilch. I eventually decided that, ‘hey, I’m an aritst. I have the power to create cool things. I can make this poster happen.’

There was just ooooooone little hitch in my plan…

While I knew the basic premise of the Alien(s) movies and the gist of how the monsters operated, I had only ever seen Aliens Vs. Predator (and that was one time, waaaaay back when it first opened).  The only part of the original three films that I had actually seen was the famous chest-burster / dining-hall scene, out of context, on YouTube. I had a pretty vague sense of what the Xenomorphs looked like, aside from a lot of phalic imagery; and I didn’t know a damn thing about the eggs or the face-huggers (aside from that they hugged faces).
I probably could’ve watched the movies and gotten a better sense of what I was working with, but my bf had already told me that he really really wanted to watch the movies with me the first time I saw them. Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to have any time to sit down and actually watch them for the forseeable future, and this drawing was going to take a while to get right. Since it seemed a little backwards to blow off something that was really important to him, all in order to make his gift a little more authentic… I decided to just ask the internet about the major movie themes and look up screen-shots and replica photos – which fortunately weren’t very hard to find.
All of that ended up leading to this puppy eating most of my summer last year, between research, sketching, inking, coloring, and refining.
I gave the finished print to him last Christmas, in a hand-decorated customized frame. I finished it just in time to get it wrapped and under our itty-bitty Ikea Xmas tree – and he loved it – so I call the project a resounding success 😀


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