Character Designs – Cheetah and Heron

cheetah-lady-dressed-up crane-lady1-2

Some animal characters I came up with to try my hand at anthropomorphized animal designs that were more than the typical ‘hot girl with cat ears’ that we’ve all seen 1000000000000000 times.

These two in particular are based on a cheetah and a heron, respectively. Both are kindergarten teachers at the same school.
Ms. Cheetah is an avid athlete in her spare time, and runs marathons on the weekends.
Ms. Heron is a fairly quiet book-worm type, who loves to sit in a big comfy chair with a mug of hot tea and a novel when she gets home from work.

(I shouldn’t need to say this, but both characters ARE copyrighted, and are not available for use by anyone without my express written permission. If you’d like to request a character commission of your very own, send me a message and let’s talk. My rates are reasonable and I do good work.)


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