Spirit of the Season

So, as those of you who know me probably know, Christmas for me is a family occasion, not a religious one. I celebrate by over-eating on holiday goodies, visiting the family, and occasionally exchanging gifts with people I care about.
I also celebrate by drawing random thematically appropriate images (like dees one):

Creepy Christmas face 2015

This is Noel, the literal Spirit of the Season.

For those who are playing ‘Christmas Symbol Bingo’ at home, here’s a quick breakdown of what Noel has going on:

  • Her hair is a wreath, laced with little bangles and wax berries, and topped with a shiny foil gift bow.
  • Her face is made of packed snow and she has iced cookies as ears.
  • Her eyes are jingle-bells.
  • Her nose is bracketed by a Christmas tree (the star is on her forehead, stradling the bridge of her nose, and the trunk is her philtrum).
  • Her eyebrows are holly leaves and berries.
  • Her cheeks are bauble ornaments.
  • Her lips are candy-cane.
  • Her earrings are spearmint candies.
  • Her neck/shirt collar is made of blue snowflake wrapping paper held closed with a little square of Scotch tape.
  • The background is GLITTER 😀 (because I felt like it :D)

More goodies are coming, but this one seemed appropriate for today’s post.
Happy Winter Holiday of Your Choosing (or as I like to call it: ChristmaRamaHannuYulsticeKwanzikamassadan ) and a happy New Year! 😀


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