Cirelle Sunntempest – original and redraw

I was looking through some of my older drawings recently, and found one from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, when I was still playing D&D (I haven’t table-top-gamed in a year or so, but I was playing a wide range of systems for a bit there, just no D&D.) And who should I find while perusing, but my old Drow character, Cirelle 😀


While I still love this character, she needed an update. The pose is kind of boring and she’s not quite showing off the awesome acrobatical skills I wanted her to have. Also, the anatomy was not fabulous. SO it was time to draw Cirelle afresh 😀


Muuuuuuch better 😀

Cirelle is… unique. She’s a bard who’s probably the only genuined Chaotic Neutral character I’ve ever built.

Cirelle stowed away in a caravan going to the surface when she was very young, and got separated and left behind when the traders ventured out of the Under Dark. Not realizing they’d had a little girl with them to begin with, the traders went about their business and then went home without her.
Cirelle was reportedly a pretty normal Drow child when she was lost, but something changed when she was alone on the surface. She wandered for a while, alone. Nobody is entirely sure what she did, how she survived, or where she went, but consensus is that something decidedly weird happened to her, and she’s never been quite the same since.

Cirelle isn’t evil nor particularly serious, unlike most Drow, (or emo, like Drizzt). She’s just there. Cirelle doesn’t really have much in the way of goals or allegiences. She picks a direction and goes, then sees where she ends up.

Cirelle is what some of her kin might call ‘sun-touched’ (Aka, driven insane by too much sun exposure above-ground). She’s equally likely to give you a puppy or a swift-kick upside the head, depending on the day, regardless of what you may or may not have said or done to her. Don’t call her names though, or she will almost certainly kill you so hard with sharp and pointy things.
Fortunately, Cirelle’s eyes have adapted over time to have adequate vision in sunlight, though it’s cost her some of that excellent nightvision the Drow are known for.

I see her as being a little like the D&D version of Deadpool or Freakazoid. An unknown with a theatrical flair. Unpredictable and unreliable, but definitely interesting.


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