Avengelyne Cover Redraw

You all may remember this revision I made to this same cover a while ago, trying to fix some of its …. issues. Well, I needed something relatively mindless to do the other night while chatting over google hangouts, and decided to pick it up again and just outright redraw the cover and see what happened.

For reference, here’s the original (which I do not own, posted here only for reference).

terrible cover to fix

There’s some weird anatomy going on there (disappearing nipples anyone?) and her pose would have her falling on her face within seconds in real life. Also, wtf is she wearing? Who stores knives that close to their crotch, especially on a tiny little belt that’s nearly falling off her emaciated little hips, and appears to vanish on the right-side of the image?

Also, she must have one hell of a wedgie going on in that outfit, and I can’t imagine she gets a good range of motion with little hip ribbons constantly getting in her way. I’m amazed she can maintain those things so well too, when her fishnet leggings and sleeves are all ripped apart. (Also what is that random band doing around her upper arm?)

Here is my version:


Fully clothed, weight balanced, and no more crotch knives ๐Ÿ˜€ Because nobody wants sharp objects that close to exposed skin, she is now wearing pants and long sleeves as well.I kept the high collar, the cross (which is now part of her shirt) and the outline of the vest(?) collar, which is now part of her sleeveless jacket (I didn’t say ALL of her clothes were 100% practical).

I liked her gauntlets, so those stayed. And I gave her cargo pants, because when you carry that many swords/knives openly upon your person, you’re bound to have more goodies stashed away in pockets as well.

Thoughts, oh internet?

FB Friend Portrait #1 is coming up soon, as well as a few more doodles done during google chats, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜€


2 thoughts on “Avengelyne Cover Redraw

  1. first pictures hips are indeed very wrong. the more i looked the more they bothered me.
    i love the nice practical yet stylish pony tail on yours.

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