I have Katniss on the brain, apparently. I really enjoyed drawing her last week, so I thought I’d do a few more images with Book!Katniss during important moments in the story.


I tried to make Prim a little darker complected than you usually see her, since we never actually hear her described as being pale and blonde even if that’s how she’s usually portrayed. She’s just described as having light eyes and hair (as compared to Katniss and most of the rest of the inhabitants of the Seam). I figured that translated to their mother having a light complexion and blonde hair/blue or green eyes, but that it would mix a bit in Prim and that she’d fall somewhere in between. I also really tried to make them look like sisters, despite their very different complexions. They have the same nose, same eyes and eyebrows, and similar overall shapes, though obviously Prim is much smaller.

Poor Prim is scared shitless, both of being called, and that her sister just hurled herself in the way and signed up to basically go die in her place.

Katniss’s dress is a slightly nicer version of what she wore in the movie, since in the book, her mother gives her one of her old (and expensive) dresses to wear, so she’ll look nice for the Reaping. She also does Katniss’s hair up in a fancy braid, which I tried to show here.

Some portraits of friends and probably some more Katniss moments will be coming up in the nearish future. Stay tuned 😀


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