Agent Carter Wants YOU

If you’re watching this show, you know how awesome it’s been so far, and you’re eagerly awaiting more. If you AREN’T already watching this show… Why the hell not?


Haylet Atwell is absolutely amazing as Peggy Carter, the story is rich, the characters are interesting – and best of all, Peggy is a competent human being, a woman, and a PERSON. She’s not a cliche in high-heels, she’s got motivations, emotional depth, and she screws up sometimes. She’ll still lay you out flat on your ass if she has to, but with the power of her wits and a nasty right-hook.

Jarvis is perfect, Howard Stark is a delightfully douchey douchebag, and just… all the characters are so so good.

There are itty-bitty Black Widows, tie ins to the vast array of Marvel comic plotlines, and great fight-choreography, excellent writing, and sharply funny dialogue.

I know it’s not really in a good time-slot and it hasn’t gotten the press it deserves, but folks, this show is ground-breaking. Not only is this a good show with a female lead in a major comic property, but showing big support for it is how we get more female leads, more diversity in general. This is how we get movies that don’t center around a straight white guy and his hero journey. You want a Black Widow stand-alone movie? Start by showing that a leading lady sells like a leading man (or ideally sells BETTER), and we’ll get her.

(Also, how can you NOT enjoy Peggy beating the daylights out of a thug with a stapler?)

(For those who’ve been following for a while, you may remember this sketch from last summer, that I never really did much with. Well, now I have :D)



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