Whoops, I drew a Self Portrait.

“Just a quick doodle.” I told myself. “I’ll work on the comic after I get warmed up.” “I’m too tired to want to jump in to inking, I’ll do it in a few minutes.”

AAAAAAAAAnd then this happened.


It was supposed to just be a cell-shaded version of a photo I took of the makeup I did for a dance-party a few weeks ago. And then I started shading it… and removed the linework to see a detail better, and realized that I liked it better WITHOUT lines, and then shaded some more and… well… yeah. I might’ve gotten a little carried away, is what I’m getting at.

At least I can say I’ve got a reasonable grasp on color and shading 😀

6 thoughts on “Whoops, I drew a Self Portrait.

        1. It would. You’d be looking at around $400 for a full-color realistically rendered portrait.
          The price drops if you want something more cartoony, like my Tumblr banner, to about $200.

          I’m afraid I can’t afford to do unpaid commissions.

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