75 Blog Followers Celebration! (Part 1)

There are officially 75 of you following this blog, and that is awesome! SO, here’s part one of my big 75 followers celebration!


Since 75 is apparently the ‘gold and/or diamond’ anniversary, here we have Satine ‘the Sparkling Diamond’ of the Moulin Rouge in a lovely gold tux, sitting atop a diamond 75 and singing something for us. (She’s a good sport like that.)

The thing about Satine is, she kind of got a shit deal in her movie. She went from the top of her game (in an admittedly awful job), with men literally throwing jewelry at her feet and vying for her attention -they show guys pooling their resources just to try to catch her eye- to dying dramatically to further her love interest’s story. HER dreams are never really realized and she probably is hastened to her end by all the stress the fighting over her causes.  That struck me as a bit bullshit, so the next illustration and the 6-page comic that will make up part 2 (and sadly I didn’t have time to finish before the holidays hit) tweak her story a bit. We’re going to give Satine back some of that power she used to wield and we’re going to let her keep it this time.
No consumption (TB), no love interest, no forced prostitution. The fate of her place of work DOES NOT hinge on who she chooses to bone, and she won’t let that happen to any of the other dancers, waiters, or crew people either. She’s the owner of the Moulin Rouge, as well as its star, and she takes good care of her employees, because, hey… somebody has to.

THIS Satine controls her own body and her own destiny.
Make way for the queen 🙂

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