There Are Good Days, and Then There Are Bad Days…


Bucky has his good days. Sometimes he’s a sarcastic smart-ass and charms the pants off everybody in the building. Other times…
Well, other times aren’t so good.

It’s never easy to watch your best friend shake apart like the entire world is coming to an end, but Steve is almost starting to get used to it.

He knows it’s a bad day when Bucky’s eyes abruptly go blank and empty and he goes deathly quiet. That’s usually followed closely by a memory, and like clockwork, by the panic attack.  He does what he can, holds onto Bucky and anchors him until it passes.
At least there’s more of him to offer now. Something solid, instead of the paper-thin wisp of nothing he used to present. He can wrap himself around his best friend and shield him from the world when he has to. And maybe, that makes everything he’s endured up to this point worth it…

He says he’s almost used to it when Natasha asks how he’s holding up. Bumps Buck’s shoulder and makes a smart-ass remark when he apologizes later – when his head’s back in more or less one piece again.
Steve shrugs and says he’s almost used to it.
He’s lying.





More artwork is on the way kids. I just got bitten by the inspiration bug. (BTW, this was drawn with essentially no references, so I’m pretty happy with how it came out. It’s not perfect, but it’s not half bad either :D)



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