Good Days

Since my last post was a little on the depressing side (PTSD, panic attacks, that sort of thing) I thought I’d give you all something a little happier to make up for it.

Here’s one of those ‘good days’ I mentioned:

buckynatcuddlepic-w-armlines (2)

It’s well into the sunrise, and he could probably catch up to Steve and Sam if he really wanted to, do a couple laps of the city. … Well he could catch up with Sam, anyway. Steve’s probably halfway to Pennsylvania by now, knowing him.
But it feels good, just this once, to lie around in bed and just exist. They’re always so busy, and Bucky doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with Natasha that doesn’t involve dodging bullets or patching each other up after a long mission. Nat is awake (for a given value of awake) and lounging loose and sleepy over the comforter in her ratty old pajama shirt and some hard-used gym shorts. She’s a warm, comforting presence at his back and she’s not exactly encouraging him to get moving. He leans his head back against her stomach and coils the cool metal fingertips of his left hand around her bicep, laughing a little when she twitches and mutters under her breath about cold fingers getting broken off if he doesn’t warn her next time. It’s obvious she’s only teasing when she just mutters instead of swatting him away. She gives up on the facade of irritation pretty quickly, though, and breaks into a lazy smile, rolling her head over look at him. A thrum of warm contentment ripples up from his belly. This is nice.
He closes his eyes and lets himself go boneless when Natasha pets her fingers through his hair.

Steve won’t miss him, just this once.


Some of  you may remember the lineart for this from forever ago, drawn by hand while I was out in CA visiting my oldest brother. It seemed like it was high time I did something with that drawing 🙂


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