This is one my history buff friends should enjoy 🙂
The latest Cool Chicks From History round of drawings were Tudor Women, which I had originally opted not to sign up for, not expecting to have time to do one. Turns out some people signed up and then flaked, so they put out a call for anyone willing to pick up one of the missed ladies. I had more time than expected, so I volunteered and ended up with Catherine of Aragon.


Catherine was Henry the VIII’s 1st wife, who he traded out for a younger model when he married Anne Boleyn (who arguably got a worse deal, when her head was chopped off for not having a male baby fast enough to suit her husband). I saw her as kind of lonely, having not much to fall back on but her religion when she lost her title and her husband, as well as access to her daughter, pretty much all in one fell swoop. She abjectly REFUSED to acknowledge Anne as Queen, and as such was isolated and completely cut off from communicating with her daughter, Mary, though they apparently managed to smuggle letters back and forth.
Catherine died still refusing to accept the official ruling that she was divorced and considered herself Henry’s only true wife and the rightful Queen. She was referred to as the Queen of England by her supporters until her death in her mid-50s. She was buried with the honors of a Dowager Princess, not the honors of a Queen, despite her refusal to accept the divorce; but her grave is, today, marked “Katherine Queen of England”.

(P.S. The book she’s holding is one she commissioned, ‘The Education of Christian Women’ which was also dedicated to her.)


P.P.S. I wrote this at 3:30 am, local time, so if anything is garbled or there are typos, that’s probably why. Kindly overlook them, unless they’re major, in which case, please tell me! 😀

More art goodies are coming kids, no worries. Stay tuned!


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