Avengers Gender-bend – Captain America (take 2)

So when I first started my Avengers Gender-bend series, I drew Captain America, looking essentially the exact same as the original male version, because… well why the hell shouldn’t she? She’s a big brick of muscle and the uniform doesn’t need to change. (The sports-bra and bare-midriff uniform that people often draw for gender-bends annoy the crap out of me. Cap is a brawler. He wades in and punches things to death or hits them with his shield. Lady cap is still going to be a brawler. SHE NEEDS TO WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR, not a clubbing outfit or yoga pants :/)
But when I looked at that first drawing compared to others later in the series, I realized that I’d treated it more like a throw-away drawing. It was a quick image made to prove a point. It wasn’t very well done and I wasn’t happy with it. SO I redrew lady Cap to put my artistic self-hatred to rest 😀 (Lady Fury is still coming, I haven’t forgotten her!)


-Click to fullview-

Still Christine Rogers, getting her butt handed to her in an alley because she gets crap for being skinny and not dressing ‘like a lady’, and because she’s absolutely NOT going to put up with that bullshit.
Bucky (and yes, that’s her in the image on the left) is at her witt’s end trying to keep this pain in her ass out of trouble. Every time she turns around, Christine is limping home with a black eye, or scraping herself up off the pavement. Bucky’s sporting bruised knuckles more often than not, from rescuing her friend, and she’s not sure what Christine’s going to do once she’s gone to serve in the war. Probably end up dead in a back alley somewhere…
It’s a good thing Chris bulks up right after Bucky ships out, or she’d be in a lot of trouble.

As I said above, female Fury is up next. I just needed to get this one out of my system before it drove me crazy. Stay tuned kids!


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