Avengelyne – cover edit

I started following Escher Girls on tumblr a while back, and recently saw an edit of this delightful atrocity

terrible cover to fix


It’s a Liefeld. I imagine none of us are surprised by the physics-defying outfit of stupid and the weird posing. Also the magical disappearing nipples.

This is my try at making this a little less silly:


People playing with sharp objects generally don’t want tons of exposed skin, so I gave her a shirt (assume it’s somehow sharp thing resistant, there’s only so much I can do in photoshop without just redrawing the silly thing entirely) and extended her … uh… armor… thing down to cover her midriff.  I also gave her pants because huge swaths of exposed leg seems… bad, when swinging several swords around. And I fixed her hips so they’re not jutting weirdly off to one side so she has no balance. Also… crotch knives seems ill-advised, so those got moved off to her hip.

This whole edit took me maybe an hour. And that was trying to merge my changes into someone else’s artwork, which requires extra finesse.


Original artwork will be coming. Be patient kids 😀


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