Palette Meme – Wonder Woman – minor redesign

Meme-time continues, this time with Wonder Woman in palette 10!



I did a minor redesign of her costume, because the spandex bathing suit thing just always seemed… well silly to me. I tried to keep it a little more practical with pants, actual  metal armor, and a ponytail, instead of just a giant poof of hair everywhere. (If I were going REALLY practical, she’d have it braided, but I didn’t want to change it THAT much, so she’d still be recognizable.)

I also very nearly didn’t shade her skin, because the red color made her look painfully sunburned and the purple seemed too harsh at first. Looking at it now, though, I like the dramatic effect 😀

These things are pretty challenging, but they’re great fun 😀

AS A REMINDER: I am taking suggestions for character/palette combos, and I do also take commissions, if anyone is so inclined to throw money at me 😀

More shinies will be coming at some point Saturday or Sunday, but I’ll be out of town for the Fourth of July weekend starting tomorrow morning, so I hope you can all be patient until then 😀


**Almost forgot: Pose reference.**


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