Historical Ladies of Awesomeness – Susan B. Anthony

By Gabe’s request:


Historical bad-ass lady: Susan B. Anthony.

There’s a whole lengthy article about her trial for voting illegally here, but suffice to say, she did NOT take no for an answer. Like… ever.

As a devoted suffragette, Susan was convinced that as a citizen of the United States, she was entitled to a vote, and would NOT be denied that right.  (She did make a fairly compelling argument.)
She organized a protest of women to register to vote and threatened to sue if she and her three sisters were not allowed to register. In the end, the men running the registration office caved and she was not only allowed to register, but later returned to vote.

When they came to arrest her for illegally casting a ballot, she insisted on being treated like any other prisoner, no niceties just because she was a woman. She even insisted on being handcuffed and refused to have her sister escort her to the judge’s office.

The only reason, according to the article linked above at least, that she didn’t win her case is that the Judge had already decided to convict her before the trial and did just about everything in his power to prevent her from successfully arguing her case. The system was heavily weighted against her.

If you want some inspirational stubborn stick-to-it-iveness, read her closing argument.

All in all, do NOT cross Susan B. Anthony. This lady just DID. NOT. STOP. for anyone, ever.

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