Palette Meme – Punk Storm

More memetastic goodness 😀

I was still feeling creatively listless last night, so I did up one more character – this time in palette 13.


I do love me some Punk!Storm…


I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to draw Storm, partly because she’s one of my favorite X-men characters (up there with Wolverine and Gambit). But it’s too easy to draw her floating around looking majestic, because she ALWAYS looks like that.

I wanted to draw Punk Storm, because the idea of this stoic, reserved weather goddess suddenly sporting a mohawk, leather pants, and gauged ears is just too awesome. I like to think it’s her ‘rebellious college kid’ phase or something.
The only problem is that 80’s punk looks a bit… well 80’s.  Storm wears it reasonably well, but it looks kind of ridiculous, so I gave her a little bit of a modern update. Lose the spikes, lose the collar, graphic t-s and leather pants.

I ALMOST gave her tattoos, but decided against it, to keep the image from getting too muddy.


More shinies will be coming soon, though I’m not sure if it will be a historical lady, and elemental lady, or another meme. We’ll see how my creative juices are flowing 🙂

**Well I fail at spelling today. Massive typo now fixed**


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