New Tumblr banner

Much as I enjoy the FABULOUS falcon that I drew a while ago, I thought I should do something a little more tailor-made for my Tumblr, since that is one of the places my artwork is regularly posted. SO, here we are: my new page header 🙂


(as usual, click to full-view)

Disclaimer: Because long hair can be super-annoying, I rarely actually draw without pulling it back first, but it isn’t completely unheard of.

And yes, sprawled out on the floor on my belly is one of my favorite drawing positions. Obviously, I can’t do that with my tablet given it’s attached to my computer, but when I draw on paper? Yeah. I guess because I drew lying on my bed a lot in high-school?

Anyway, some commission work may be up soon and I’ve got a couple of other ‘just for fun’ drawings in the works, as well as planning out some more celebrity portraits, so stay tuned 😀


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