Didja miss me? – Father’s Day Card design

I’m baaaaaaack.

Did you all miss me? 😀

Just in time for Father’s Day card goodness! (This is just the front, the interior was hand-written.)


So, I’ve inherited a lot of things from my dad. Lactose intolerance (always fun), skin that all but bursts into flames when exposed to sunlight (thanks dad), and a noticeable lack of height (some of the blame goes to my mom’s side on that one, to be fair).

I’ve also inherited a fairly zen attitude about life, some heavy-duty introversion, a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor, and an ‘I’ll do this my way, fuck you if you don’t like that’ approach to many of life’s problems.

Of my two parents, I feel like my dad understands my perspective better and tends to be less judgmental and less critical. We just end up on the same wavelength a little more often.

This card is my way of commemorating some of the things I got from my dad, and the fact that I also inherited some awesome into the mix 😀

(Watermarked because I’ve been hearing tell of people swiping other’s artwork lately and it makes me a little nervous.)


More goodies will be forthcoming. For now, enjoy this little tidbit 😀


(Because I should be sleeping, but I’m still running on West Coast time, which means sleep won’t be happening for at least another hour :p)


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