What I’ve been up to – PG13

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing and/or doodling while out in CA, and finally managed to borrow a scanner to post some of it 🙂

I hope you haven’t been too bored in my absence, but just in case, here’s a whole butt-load of images to enjoy 😀


First off: a pencil sketch of the lovely Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter, taken from the Marvel One-shot for her new spin-off series.


Agent Carter sketch


It’s a tad rough, but the core is there. Alas, I wasn’t able to finish it to my satisfaction.

It is followed by the less than successful attempt at inking it onto marker paper. The pencil work was too light and hard to see without a light-table, so it got a bit garbled :/


You can still sorta tell who it is, yes?


Then we have a random picture of a couple being snuggly. It WAS going to be another Bucky/Natasha picture, but I forgot to draw the lines of his metal arm the first time I scanned it. (pose based on this adorable photo :))



There we go. NOW it’s Bucky/Nat.

And, just to see if I could, I drew a woman reclining with no reference.

anatomy practice drawing

Not totally perfect, but pretty decent, I think.

Then, lastly, we have another Tumblr prompt, because I can’t seem to escape the temptation of these things.


Fun fact, I just noticed all but one of my images (I’m counting Agent Carter as 1) contain people lying down, and I drew them all while sitting on a bed. I guess subliminal placement is a thing…


It’ll probably be a while before I upload anything else, but there will be more coming eventually. Keep an eye out 🙂

I’m officially back in mid-June, so posting should pick back up to normal then.



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