Avengers Gender-bend – Thor

More genderbending! 😀

This time, it’s Thor.


Lady Thor is one lady you don’t want to piss off.

Again, almost nothing about the costume really needed to change. She’s a little slimmer in the shoulders, a little fluffier in the chest, has longer hair, no beard, and wears braids. Thaaaat’s pretty much it.

I spent a little more time shading and whatnot on this image, since I only had one version of her to do, and it’s not 3 am 😀

More Gender-bendvengers will be coming, but it’ll be a bit on those 🙂

Again, as I mentioned before, I’ll be out of town for around a month starting tomorrow, so if I suddenly don’t post for a while that’s why.

Possibly one more image tonight, then I’ll see ya’ll in June 😀


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