Avengers Gender-bend – Captain America

Something that has always annoyed me about the concept of gender bending superheroes is that people tend to put the newly female characters into crop-tops, push-up bras, thongs, and other random porny looking clothing. For newly male heroes, suddenly their costume is a full body outfit with a cape, rather than whatever lingerie they started in.

You know what I think a genderbent character would look like?

A little like this:


What’s the difference between this version and the original? Besides the name and biological gender, anyway? For the sake of the image, approximately fuck-all. There’s no reason she can’t still be buff, nor any reason she can’t wear the same suit. No need for a star-patterned sports-bra and a bare mid-riff. She’s not bulletproof, after all.

Long-story short, can we stop relegating female super heroes to spandex bikinis and start treating them like actual human beings, albeit fictional ones, plz?


4 thoughts on “Avengers Gender-bend – Captain America

  1. I agree. I remember the “gender-bent Avengers” thing when the movie came out, and man, so stupid. Why would the female Captain America wear a tube top, with her midriff exposed? It’s stupid. It’s blatantly sexualizing women. Men get to be strong and powerful, but women have to be conventionally sexy. I was even offended as a man, because it implies that men can only care about women when they’re sexed-up.

    1. Same here, though from a female perspective. I like curves as much as anyone, but when your job is to go out and kick bad-guy ass, you need something more practical than a string-bikini and spike heels, definitely.
      I’m hoping to do a few more of the Avengers up like this, so stop back in June for more 🙂

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