Winter Soldier Hugs

I really really really needed to see these two hugging it out. It’s probably unhealthy.


Winter Soldier hug moment



Bucky/Winter Soldier tries to finish the mission, but realizes that he still can’t do it. Steve talks to him until he starts to remember little bits. Bucky freaks out and drops the knife, but he’s totally unravelling. He starts coming unglued and Steve pulls him in for a hug to try and calm him down before he falls over.

“It’s gonna be ok, Bucky. I’m with you to the end of the line.”

Now, normally, I don’t do fanart for live-action movies. It really distracts me when the characters don’t look just like the actors a lot of the time. This time, however, I feel like it came out ok 🙂 (And I just can’t seem to quit focusing on this movie.)

I tried to give Bucky’s body language that “I’m so done, I can’t even stand up” desperate clinging look. I am not sure how well it succeeded… thoughts?

Also, that’s a comforting hug, not a prelude to boning. I just don’t see these two as lovers. I think they DO love each other, very much. I don’t think they’re IN love with each other though. As I read them: They’re inseparable besties, but they’re not interested in making out with each other.

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