Gargoyle Selfie

Because Gargoyles are awesome and I felt like it, mostly.gargoyle-selfie

Gargoyle-Me, my cat, and my sketchbook, chilling on a rooftop.

Something I never really paid much attention to when I watched this show as a kid was the lighting effects. Even as a kid, I could tell a lot of effort and attention to detail went into this show, and I appreciated the more grown-up tone and the mythology woven into it. But looking at the artwork again, I noticed whole new levels I hadn’t even realized were there before.

Since the show happened largely at night (turning to stone by day and all that) the lighting tended to carefully mirror the tone of each scene and to lend itself to the over-arching gothic tone of the show. A lot of heavy shadows, dramatic glowing eyes in the darkness and a lot of lighting from below helped create drama and atmosphere in a subtle, elegant way. I’m still working on mastering different styles of lighting, but I tried to mimic some of that shadowy dark feel while still keeping the portrait from looking too creepy. (I didn’t want to look like Gargoyle-Me was attacking the cat, for instance.) I could’ve certainly gone darker with the shadows, and I think it would’ve looked more in keeping with the tone of the show, but I wanted to keep things metaphorically light, meaning they had to stay literally light as well.

Enjoy kids 😀 More will be coming soon!


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