Style Meme – Leela

Draw a character in a variety of styles? Challenge Accepted.

(As with most memes, this is a biggun)


I started this meme a few years ago, put it in a folder and forgot about it. While organizing my general art folder (which was quite disorganized) I came across it and decided it was about time to finish it out.

For the Saturday Morning Cartoon prompt, it took me a little while to decide what the appropriate ‘style’ was for Courage the Cowardly Dog. The show had a recognizable style, but it’s a bit hard to pin down just what makes it recognizable. I settled on distorted body shapes and sizes, odd coloration and manic expressions for most of the characters. In order to make them match the delightfully fucked up quality of the show, I used inspiration from a fan theory that makes a lot of sense: Everything in the show is shown through the eyes of a nervous little dog. That’s why his humans look normal but everyone else they meet looks terrifying and bizarre. It’s also why they live ‘in the middle of nowhere’. They probably  have neighbors but the world outside of the house is scary so the dog doesn’t leave the farm. Courage is constantly ‘rescuing’ his human from scary outside things (imagine every nervous little dog you’ve ever seen and how it barks at EVERYTHING). So, if he met Leela, she’d immediately get a big grin on her face and start cooing over him and want to grab and pet him. Hence her enormous manic grin and her feet becoming a flowing puddle. She’s everywhere so he can’t escape her attempts to cuddle him. Nibbler, I assume, would be able to communicate with him better, so Courage would see Nibbler more like the reality, but his fangs and extra eye would still be ranked under ‘scary’.

The shonen prompt required action, ridiculously long skinny limbs, large chest,  and low detail on things like hair and faces. It’s designed to appeal to teenage boys.


The shoujo prompt required huge eyes, minimal facial features, soft colors and So MUCH Cute. It burnssss usssss…..


I’m particularly proud of the lower half of this (it being the newer stuff that’s a little more polished).

More goodies will be coming. Enjoy 😀



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