Dame Marion – Pendragon Character



Farnsworth Voice: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I did some artwork! And this post is not insanely depressing! 😀


This axe-wielding lady is Dame Marion “Mushroom” of House Denork. I won’t go into the whole background tale of the game she comes from (it was fairly complex and we never ended up even getting to the birth of King Arthur before the game ended) but here are some of the highlights:

Naming conventions such as “the grey” or “the great” are out of fashion in this version of Arthurian legend.  Instead, young knights go into the forest and are nick-named after the first thing they see there. In this case, it was a mushroom. Her crest represents this and has a cat because I like cats. So there 😀

Marion’s character and stats were generated for me, as I was foolish enough to say I’d play whatever was handed to me, so a few other players decided to troll me and make me play something I would normally never create. Since I’m a vocal Pagan and outspoken feminist, I got a devoutly Christian semi-zealot who really wanted lots of babies and had pretty low scores in most of the heavily used skills aside from riding. Marion spent a lot of time frothily attempting to evangelize the masses, but mostly just confused them until they either left or just agreed with her to make her stop. She also doted on her daughter,  Hazel, and enjoyed hitting things/people with her axe at any given opportunity. She was loyal to her Baroness, but not to the near-worship level of some of her fellow knights.

Marion didn’t end up getting all that heavily fleshed out, since we didn’t play too many sessions before this game ended. The idea was originally for Pendragon to be a filler campaign for when some of our group couldn’t make it, but it proved to just be too complex and story-rich to pick up again after several weeks of playing something else and we spent half the sessions just trying to remember who characters were and why we were or were not attacking them.

Sadly, Dame Marion will probably never be used again, but I had fun with her while she lasted and I enjoyed drawing her and her giant-ass axe anyways.




In other news, barring some pretty major life shifts (which geeze-oh-peet have been happening left and right lately, it seems) I’m heading west to grow up with the country pretty soon. If all goes according to current plan, I’ll be resettled in Seattle by the end of August 😀

This is at once exciting, stressful, and TERRIFYING. I’ve never lived more than a few hours from where I grew up and I won’t know anyone but the brother I’m going to be staying with. Still, it’s a fresh start and an adventure, and that’s how I’m trying to approach it. Nothing is ever gained from sitting on your duff waiting for the world to come to you, so HERE I COME WORLD. GET READY.



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