Ainfean “Rose” Dempsy


I am remiss! I forgot to mention some very exciting news in the life of the chibi-jellyfish!

I just accepted a job in an office, doing data entry and office-support, which means I will be bidding Busch’s goodbye. The perks of the new job include better benefits, longer and more frequent breaks, holidays off, no crazy retail rushes to deal with, and higher pay than any previous job 🙂

What this means for YOU, dear readers, is that I will probably be back to posting artwork (reasonably) regularly, given I will finally have a steady schedule and come home feeling ready to be creative instead of coming home exhausted and burned out.

It will be good times! 😀

And with that, I now return you to your regularly schedule blog post 😀



Another new game! We’re trying something new with our gaming group, since the group has gotten fairly large and a bit unwieldy. We’ll be splitting the group in half at random each week, with each group going on separate, but related, adventures, to give each player more time to have their moment in the sun.

The game is set in the late 1600s with our group working as monster hunters for the Catholic Church.

This is my character for this experimental new game 😀


Ainfean (pronounced AWN f’yun, according to the internet) “Rose” Dempsy is Irish by birth, and was raised with Celtic Pagan beliefs, including a healthy dose of folk-lore and folk medicine. When her family was forced to convert, she adopted Catholicism in much the same way Shinto believers in Japan adopted Christianity: she blended it into her existing beliefs, but didn’t every really give them up. Though she keeps up a very Catholic front, given her employers, Ainfean knows the legends and folklore of her people and still believes strongly in the faerie folk. Her motivation is less serving the church and more eliminating the monsters that would otherwise prey on the unsuspecting or vulnerable among us.

Ainfean is a slighty rough-around-the-edges country lass. Though she is fairly smart, she doesn’t always think before speaking, can be famously stubborn, and is much more at home slogging around in the woods, getting spattered in mud than she is in a formal settings or fancy parlors. She has an impressive knowledge of herbal remedies and isn’t particularly squeamish about most things. She is a good doctor, despite having little formal training, having learned first-hand from her mother from the time she was a little girl.  She can even perform surgeries, though she is far less experienced in treating really serious injuries than minor ones.

Ainfean isn’t really a fighter, but she won’t hesitate to defend herself and she isn’t afraid to fight dirty when she has to. Sticks, mud, rocks, fine china, rocking horses… she’s not really picky, provided it can be thrown, swung, or stabbed at her adversary.

She also has excellent eye-sight, a petite frame, speaks 4 languages, and can stare down most anyone if she’s in a temper.


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