Wonder Woman Redesign

Because I just got home from work around midnight – (Why, yes, my schedule DOES currently suck! Thanks for asking!) – I’m still coasting down to restfulness, and as such, was websurfing when I came across this shiny shiny thing 😀

Most of the redesigns I LOVED. Starfire especially makes me happy. She’s playful and fun and captures all the good things about the character without the creepy fetishy feel of the original design. I adore her fire fauxhawk 😀

The only one of these new designs that kind of left me cold was the Wonder Woman design. I like that she’s more muscular, and I enjoyed the Grecian hairstyle (I even borrowed the concept) but her outfit just wasn’t doing it.

Wonder Woman for me, has always been a fun character because she has presence. She’s royalty that can kick your ass in hand-to-hand combat and she KNOWS it. She’s an Amazon and she doesn’t take shit from anyone for any reason (when her books are done properly). The re-design reminded me more of a bored cosplayer, and I just wasn’t wowed by the new outfit, though it WAS much less sleazy looking.

SO I took a crack at making her a little more in line with her Amazon heritage as well as giving her more of that ‘bring it on, be-otch’ presence I enjoy so much.

This is a fairly quick drawing and I didn’t use a reference aside from the Buzzfeed images above, so take the anatomy with a grain of salt.


I gave her silver-colored armor because gold has always felt a bit tacky to me with the rest of her costume’s colors, and I wanted a slightly more no-nonsense feeling to her outfit. I tried to turn the stars into more of a personal crest and less as just a random decoration. She wears armor because… well… no duh. Warriors don’t generally go into battle wearing a tank-top or a bustier. In my version, her boots, gauntlets, and bodice actually serve a purpose (protecting her in battle, specifically). Her hair is in a somewhat Grecian style with a dreadlock-ponytail for practicality. ( I did enjoy the redesign version of her hair, but I liked it down for sheer aesthetics. The dreadlocks are a way to keep the hair out of the way without losing that aesthetic quality.)

Given that Wonder Woman is Greek, I gave her slightly more olive-toned skin-color, though I kept the bright-blue eyes and black hair because I think they give her a unique, recognizable look.  I also gave her more muscle and bulked her up a bit from the original, though not QUITE as beefy as the linked redesign. That felt a little overly bulky whereas I felt Wonder Woman would be slightly leaner and more agile and less of a tank.

Again, I loved most of the redesigns, and I completely respect the artist’s reasoning. I just felt WW needed something a little harder core to save the day in.

What do YOU think?




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