Backbending with Color Schemes :D

For amusement and practice, I’ve been attempting to do more difficult and unusual poses and figure studies lately. It seems to be helping me remember how all the muscles and bones attach and move, as well as just generally refreshing and reinforcing my concept of human anatomy.
I’ve also been playing with color schemes, because… well why  not? It’s a fun creative challenge 😀

So, in that vein, here’s some shiny things I made 😀

First: a doodle that is not an anatomy study really, but just a face with warm colors


I had fun 😀

Next: an actual anatomy study. For funsies, I did both a difficult pose and a limited color scheme. She comes in two varieties: NSFW nude, and Workout Clothes



Workout Clothes got shaded, but I didn’t really feel like going back and redoing it all for the sans-clothes version, so I didn’t 😀
This way you can appreciate the flat colors and… stuff. 😀

I tried to contrast the cool blues and greens of her body and clothing with warm/neutral colors for the background. Her expression is neutral because she’s concentrating on what she’s doing and keeping her balance.

More art goodies will be coming, kids. Stay tuned! 😀


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