Shiney things and personal blathering :D

Hey kids! I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted last, so let’s start with some sparkly new artwork before I blather on about my own crap 😀



This is a bit of a doodle gone wild that morphed into a semi-finished drawing. I really like how she came out 🙂

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is at least inspired by Merida, from the Disney movie. It has other elements thrown in for flavor though 🙂


That out of the way, here’s what’s new with the chibi since my last post:

You all may remember that I was distracted by ADVENTURES and that’s why I hadn’t posted much lately, well I can now explain to you what those adventures actually were.

For starters, as you know, I broke up with the person I had been with for quite a while in February and so, though he was very gracious about the whole situation and gave me time to get myself situated, I needed to GTFO of his house. SO, I was busily trying to find a job that would support me moving out (which I did) and then moving (which I have successfully done). There was a lot of adjusting, unpacking, and arranging to be done from that, both literally and metaphorically. I’m still not totally done with that last bit, but I’m making decent progress.

I currently work at a Busch’s deli, possibly a second job to come at some point.

Secondly, I actually went on ADVENTURES with a friend who has morphed into a more-than-a-friend.  Much wandering and nerdy talking occured. While we’re still moving slowly and things are still a bit tenative, we made it Facebook official about a week ago. (For those doing the math at home, yes, I was single for all of 3 months in between, but he snuck up on me with his ninja skills about a month into my singledom, so I place all blame on the ninja boy!)

Thirdly, Emmy is happily adjusting to her new(old) home and playing under the bed, rolling on the rug, and just generally being adorable at all times. She also has taken up her favorite hobby again of pretending to be a dragon gaurding her horde by lying on top of her kibble box.

Lastly: I’m still available for commissions if anyone is interested. I have a few projects lined up already, but I’m always happy to add more art (and income) to my life. If you need pretties, hit me up 🙂


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