Old LiveJournal Poetry

I went back to my old livejournal with the intention of deleting it (which I haven’t gotten around to yet, as I forgot the password) but I found some old writings of mine that I’m still rather proud of, so I’m going to share them with you all! 😀

Prepare to be inflicted upon enjoy!


There’s a quiet wind in the woods tonight
whistling over the lake
and it’s singing a song of older times
softened snowpiles melting into mud
a doe kneels quiet, beside the shore
lapping the liquid ice
her dappled coat glistening
her large warm eyes, studying every sound

The moon overhead is large and full
the promise of spring draws near
and I sit
and I hear
and I smile
and I stretch up my arms to the sky
and I sing a song I don’t know how I know
a song that doesn’t have words, or notes
it flows from somewhere deep inside
until it fills up the cold, still night
and I know the earth is singing with me

The doe sings around her mouthfuls of water
the sleeping fish sing in their dreams
the flower’s buds fling wide their leaves
and stumble from their beds
with music flowing down their stems
and blossoming in their eyes

And the snow melts
and the wind warms
and the ice melts
and my heart warms
and I sing
and I smile.

This makes me think of the same feeling I had when I drew “We Are Full of Stars” the other night. I guess I get that feeling a lot?

More cherry-picked writings will come. Toodles 😀


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