“Witches Meetup” Tonight

I’m planning to attend a so-called Witches Meetup (local pagans gather and drink tea, apparently) this evening for the first time. Seeing as I’ve never been to one of these things, I’m not really sure what’s appropriate to do/wear. It seems a bit over the top to show up wearing my enormous-ass pentacle (yes I do have one) and I’m aware this isn’t a Harry Potter cosplay, but what DO I wear? It feels weird to just show up in my normal jeans and t-shirt ensemble, but dressing up seems like it’d be a bit weird too…

Maybe I’ll just compromise and wear a swooshy skirt and some crystal jewelry. I wear that stuff around all the time anyways, and it just feels a little more magical for some reason. Swooshy skirts are just awesome no matter the occasion, so that helps 🙂

Have any of you faithful readers attended one of these things, and if so, what are your thoughts? Interesting stories? Etiquette I should know about?  If you’ve attended an event at Crazy Wisdom in A2, that would be extremely helpful, since that’s where I’m going.

My ex is skeptical that anyone who’s not certifiably insane will show up, but he’s not a pagan, so I take his thoughts on the matter with a large grain of salt.

Also, would it be weird to bring a sketchbook? I could draw to amuse myself if the crowd is sparse and it could be a fun way to start a conversation… downside being I may get sucked into a sketch and forget to actually… y’know… socialize. Decisions, decisions…

As always, your thoughts are appreciated, folks. Let me know if you have any pearls of wisdom to share 😀



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