30 Day Monster Boy Challenge: Merman

So this is only loosely a merMAN in that it’s more a hybrid dragon/fish. And I’m ok with that.


I have actually dubbed this a Dragonfish. I have no idea if that’s a real species or not, but I don’t care either 😀

This little guy is luminescent and omnivorous. Dragonfish eat plant life and smaller sea life, cutting down tough seaweed stalks and cracking the shells of prey with their powerful front claws, similar to those of a lobster or crab.

Their red eyes see in the infrared spectrum so they can always spot prey, even in the semi-light they create. Dragonfish are exceptionally fast swimmers with a powerful tail and large wing-like fins growing out of their backs. They are not, however, high endurance swimmers, and usually use their swimming prowess mostly for catching prey or escaping predators. Their preferred method of getting around is scuttling across the sea-floor on their segmented legs, using the tail for balance.

Dragonfish are not venomous, but like a Komodo Dragon, you don’t want to get pinched or bitten by one. While the nasty soup of bacteria in their mouths are not typically fatal for a healthy adult human, it will knock you down, hard. Dragonfish, fortunately, prefer flight to fight, but they will attack if they feel threatened, and especially if you step down too close to them.

Their bodies are translucent, allowing the natural glow from inside their bodies to pass through.


Next up will be spider boy. Stay tuned!


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