30 Day Monster Boy Challenge: Naga

Whew, I might’ve gotten a bit carried away with this one.

(click to en-big-en)


A family of nagas, including grandpa and daddy nagas, relaxing by the light of a cozy fire.

I had thought about taking this approach for the lady naga image, but it just didn’t feel quite right then. Now I’m very happy with how it came out 🙂

These naga aren’t based on any particular tribe, but I did look through a lot of photos of native South American tribes for their appearance and clothing. When I think snakes, I tend to think jungle, and I so rarely draw native peoples.

I’m officially dedicating this to my grandpa, because I was thinking of him the whole time I worked on it. I have many fond memories of playing with my grandpa and going on ‘dates’ (where I got a cookie and a chocolate milk while he had coffee) because he wanted to spend time with me. Fortunately, I still have my grandpa, but I don’t know if I tell him often enough how awesome he is. SO even though I know he doesn’t read my blog and probably never will, this one’s for you Grandpa 🙂 I ❤ you.


And as an added bonus, since I know the firelight effect dulls some of the details, here they are without that effect in place.

(Same deal, click to en-big-en)


Mermaid will be next. Stay tuned.


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