30 Day Monster Boy Challenge: Centaur

I got my rear end kicked by a nasty cold, which slowed me down, but at last, the dapper Mr. Centaur is done!

(As usual, click to en-big-en)


I may still have some Sherlock Holmes on the brain, but at least it’s the Victorian variety now 😀

This charming gentleman is Mr. Clyde S. Dale, a Victorian gentleman who can trace his lineage back to the Centaurs of old. He’s keeping up on his reading while he waits to be called for dinner. The cook is making oats with chunks of carrots (his favorite) and it’s making him fidgety to wait, hence the swishy tail and the twitchy rear hoof. Normally he’s much more collected. (Can’t go around acting like a common stallion, can one?)

Next on the list: the slime. Stay tuned!


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